well it wouldn’t be NHL draft season
without every single human being on the planet making an NHL mock draft and for
that exact reason we’re gonna do one right now let’s do an NHL mock draft at
least for the top ten Arda Ocal l and the draft analyst Steve Kournianos you
ready for this right let’s do it okay you’ve done like about a thousand of
them yeah yeah this is my first okay so you can you can actually tell me whether
I’ll take it easy on you thank you I might make a face so we’ll know if your
fate yeah just by your expression alone I’ll go first
because I know that the number one pick is extremely difficult this year’s draft
yeah so the Buffalo Sabres are picking first a very tough choice here with
their first pick they’re gonna pick drum roll please Rasmus Dahlin good Wow huge
Rasmus Dahlin he’s gonna play game one that’s my prediction really went out on
a limb there though you know three assists in the first game season opener
three assists for Rasmus Dahlin that’s my prediction out there
alright cool yeah not bad number two Carolina’s got to take Andrei Svechnikov power forward from barring the OHL he just fits that bill that
franchise type winger he’s like a Patrick Laine or an Alex Ovechkin he’s
gonna score a lot of goals especially if he’s playing with Sebastian Ajo so I
think it’s a no brainer for them all right Andrei Sveshnikov is number two i
we’re gonna go back and forth by the way until we get to the 10th pick so
Montreal Canadiens have number three there are two salacious forwards that
are available here we got Filip Zadina and we got Brady Tkachuk and yep
knowledgable Montreal Canadiens fans are salivating they want they demand
Filip Zadina they see Filip Zadina and a Montreal Canadiens a
Rouge uniform Les Habitants on the fans the hardcores want Filip Zadina and
for that reason I’m gonna say with the number three pick Les Habitants select
Brady Tkachuk that’s right I that terrifies me just the fact the way that
Brady Tkachuk plays I think he will make an immediate impact
in a Montreal Canadiens uniform as much as Filip Zadina would be a terrific
player I just look at that I just visualized that situation and I’m like
whoa every other team in the league is gonna be petrified to play against Brady
tkachuk and the Montreal Canadiens that season yeah and you got to figure this
with Brady tkachuk he’s look at his brother Matthew and his father Keith
pains to play again so if the Canadiens want to have a character type of team a
bullish power forward that is really a load to handle and could do a lot of the
dirty things plus a you know reveal a lot of elite pucks skills you got to
embrace tkachuk and it might not be a popular pick but don’t be surprised if
it does happen listen Matt Matt tkachuk was one of the best power forwards in
the game right now he’s only 20 years old so you got a similar player like
that great you’re saying people are saying Brady is even more of an agitator
than Matthew it yeah more disciplined too that’s the key thing he’s a
discipline agitator where’s Matt you know was willing to drive up those pins
and listen did I make that pick because I wanted to troll Canadiens fans a
little bit maybe I don’t know who’s number four all right listen
it’s a tough year in Ottawa they got a lot of tough decisions to make if
Filip Zadina available at four you have to take him if he’s not there then
you got to go to defenseman like Adam Boqvist but I think if Zadina is available
at fourth overall it’s it’s a slam-dunk pick two easy 200-foot winger competes
hard excellent shot could be a goal scorer as well they just need a little
bit of excitement in Ottawa right now I think he fits that bill so that’s
interesting because a lot of people are grouping two three and four with those
three forwards that we just mentioned right Svechnikov probably number two
Zadina and tkachuk interchangeable in terms of three and four but you’re
saying if there’s a possibility that at the number four pick the Senators might
go with a defenseman yeah absolutely oh listen all depends on Eric Karlsson and I
know that you want to be a reactionary drafter there but it just can be make
sense when you have a guy like Karlsson whether he stays or not you want to kind
of have a seamless transition into the next era and a guy like out of Adam
Boquist or even quitting huge really only the defenseman within that top tier
after the lean they could be that building block down the road now they
have Thomas Shabat who’s already there and he’s a excellent prospect but you
want to kind of make that powerful combination almost like a Zubov
from the mid 90s where you have two guys that run that power play and put up a
lot of points and make life easy for your forwards the fifth
pick is owned by the Arizona coyotes I’m gonna go with Quinn Hughes you mentioned
Adam Boqvist there that might be an interesting pick for the Coyotes to pick
between those two defenseman as perhaps the top two available at the number five
position let’s go Quinn Hughes one of the if not
the best one of the best skaters in the draft and just to visualize him playing
with Oliver Ekman Larson playing with Clayton Keller and the Coyotes despite
the fact that they had a dismal abysmal first half of the season the second half
of the season wasn’t that bad it wasn’t when you look at it it’s almost night
and day so there are a lot of positive pieces Antti Raanta and that of course
Rangers fans very familiar with automata a very positive force between the pipes
so there is a lot to be excited about if you’re a coyotes fan so I’m putting
Quinn Hughes in that position how’s number six yeah I think if you look at
the Red Wings in their history drafting Swedish players and having successful
Swedish defenseman in their organization guys like Nicklas Lidstrom plus Chris
Rockstrom and Haken Andersson who’ve done a great job scouting Sweden for
them there’s a no-brainer for me it’s Adam Boqvist
he’s a Swedish kid he’s electrifying with the puck has a ridiculous release a
very hard shot power play quarterback he’s really answers a lot of their
questions in terms of creating a place from the back end but also he’s very
good in the possession game as well not very big but just an electrifying play
that you know brings you out you see speaking of Swedish players drafted by
the Detroit Red Wings I believe that Henrik Zetterberg is the
highest draft pick to ever win the Conn Smythe Trophy it was a pretty late round
pick and if I’m wrong you can tell me on Twitter I’m sure that you’ll you’ll tell
me if I’m wrong I’m pretty sure that’s true though anyhow we’re going to number
seven that’s the Vancouver Canucks I’m going to Evan Bouchard on this one yeah
87 points put a lot of points up on the board this season playing for the London
Knights in the OHL I feel like he would complement the Vancouver Canucks
forwards very well professor and company there’s gonna be a lot of synergy there
I can see an immediate impact for Evan Bouchard wearing a Canucks uniform and
it would be nice to see some more stars play in the Pacific Northwest
particularly in Vancouver who do you have a number eight all right number
eight we got the Chicago Blackhawks and again you know they could go either way
here they’re really do need defenseman but at the same time they need forwards
I think if you watch Noah Dobson and defensemen for Acadie–Bathurst how
he played in the memorial cup he made the Oh Memorial Cup team just a
wonderful – a defenseman he’s arguably the best one-on-one defend in the draft
but as we saw in the memorial cup puts up a lot of points as well so I
think it’s an easy pick for them and if I’m the New York Rangers picking at
number nine I think I’m strutting to the stage very happy and who is available at
number nine if that is the case oliver Wahlstrom right there like a low-hanging
fruit like a ripe apple ready to be picked and placed into the basket
a lot of boston connection there of course there’s a lot of boston
connection with the New York Rangers Jeff Gorton general manager David Quinn
new head coach from Boston University of course and a Wahlstrom pledging to play
for Boston College a lot of Boston College players on the Rangers roster
particularly Kevin Hayes and Chris Kreider
we saw Jimmy Vesey playing for Harvard I mean the list is long sure so
I feel like Wahlstrom might be a player that fits very well in that Rangers
organization and with a guy like David Quinn who was known to bring the best
out of prospects and working with the young players bringing the best out of
them and finding their strengths and weaknesses and working well with that I
really feel that’s a really good match it would be and and Ranger fans would
fall in love with him instantly he’s just a great bull of a power forward with a
great shot the Rangers haven’t drafted a high
volume scoring winger in a long time originally drafted by the Rangers so I
think he’s got that 3035 gold potential number 10 I had mentioned Oilers they
drafted a lot of wingers lately I think they really need that power play
quarterback I don’t know how a power play with Connor McDavid struggles but
they’ve seemed to struggle this past season so how does that have how does
that happen there are two defense when they could go
either way here it could be either Ty Smith out of Spokane or Rasmus Sandin
with Sault Ste. Marie in the OHL I think they go with Rasmus Sandin he’s just a
phenomenal Puck mover in addition to that like Dobson he’s an excellent
one-on-one defender as well understands his positioning has slot coverage
doesn’t really wander from the puck and makes the right reads so really smart
mature player he’ll be a perfect complement to the attack they got going
on in Edmonton so if our mock draft is correct and we can assume that it 100%
will be this will probably be the first time in NHL history that two players
named Rasmus will be in the top ten yeah maybe even three four
Aparri cracks it but not not probably so far mark any names that did not crack
this top 10 that you could see going top 10 in the actual NHL draft well there’s
two forwards that come to mind number one is Jesperi Kotkaniemi who’s a
winger but it’s natural position of center so if he does get drafted you
could say that he’s a center that got read through the top ten very mature
player great playmaker he played to finish Elite League his production as a
17 18 year old is similar to what the Nico did for TPS back in 2015 he
had a phenomenal on the under 18 world championship so I think you got a look
at him as that mature immediate impact player and then you got as in terms of
centers you got Joe Veleno know you know exceptional status it was a high draft
pick in the Quebec League super fast he’s a Matt Duchene type of skater he’s
got size his compete levels off the charts he’s also more of a playmaker
than a shooter so those two guys if teams want mature NHL ready guys
those two forwards might crack the top ten and then bump some of those
defenseman out which would fit great for the Islanders who are looking for defenseman so let’s talk about the Islanders picks we did our top ten but
the Islanders of course have 11 and 12 so based on our mock draft here
who would you say two names would be that the Islanders would be looking at
in those positions well I think from a defensive standpoint if Ty Smith or
Rasmus Sundin don’t make the top ten remember you know we had that tier after
Rasmus Dahlin if they if one of those defenseman Florida even a guy might fall
a guy like Evan Bouchard because of his skating or maybe know what Dobson
because they think his upside or offensively is a little bit limited then
it would be an easy choice for the Islanders to make you take one of those
defenseman with top pairing up side at the same time I don’t think the islanders necessarily need a goalscoring wing or they got some pretty good finishers
not only at the NHL level but also in the pipeline I think you have to draft
the center whether you know you start him as a third line Center but in that
regard you have Joe Villena who we talked about Rasmus Kupari who’s a
really good finished center playing the Finnish Elite League has a lot of upside
almost like a Derek Stepan type and then you have Barrett Hayton plays with the Siuox was Rasmus Sandin’s teammate outstanding 200 foot center with a lot
of flair to his game a little bit different than Mat Barzal but a
similar type player in terms of the way he does some flashy things with the puck
we could do a mock draft a thousand times
get a thousand different lists perhaps this year especially the only constant
would be that Rasmus Dahlin will go number one yeah absolutely everything
else total coin flip

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