It’s not that I don’t know sports because I’m a girl. It’s that I don’t know sports because I don’t really care… – Who is this team and this city? I’m pretty confident. 90-100% Dallas… Oh, s***! This is the Dallas Cowboys… I recognize that Dallas Cowboys! – How do you know the Dallas Cowboys? …They have famous cheerleaders Yee Haw! – What is the name of their owner? Rickey Barnes. That sounds Texan, right? – Jerry Jones Jerry Jones! They both sound like comic book, like, newspaper magnates or something… – Who is the Dallas Cowboy’s best player? *snickers* Is Tom Brady on that one? Peyton Manning? Is he on it? Is one of the Mannings on it? There’s two of them – Who is Tony Romo? He is a… football player Oh, OK. Like the restaurant? I think this is the Rams? Is that right? – Yeah, what city are the Rams? New Orleans Rams? No? – Turn around and look outside OH… The Los Angeles Rams! What am I looking at? – Los Angeles… Really? There was all this big hub-bub when they came back, and people are mad, and people are happy, and… football… I don’t need to know the sports team of the city I live in! – Where were they previously? Uh, some other state I actually know this because my grandpa used to play for the Rams, and he won the Heisman Trophy – What! Who was your grandpa? Glenn Davis. I’m actually going to a game, for whatever reason. I’ll probably leave early… – We’ll follow-up more on that… That’s a bird of some kind It could be like a raven Blue jay Hawk Sparrow Eagle Mockingbird Black Hawks… Oh wait, that’s hockey… Wait… That might be a Jaguar I’m going to exhaust my bird knowledge… It’s a hawk, is that right? – Close Sea Hawk? – Yep. Where are they? The Myrtle Beach Sea Hawks? They are in Seattle I think I’ve heard that before… – Where have you heard that? Probably on a box of Wheaties Chris Pratt is a big fan of theirs. and I’m a big fan of Chris Pratt, so… I know this The clubbers cavaliers The kings of hearts? Looks like a symbol from the Webelos from Boy Scouts That’s like a little French, like a, fleur de lis? fleur di lis – Do you know what that is? No… Oh. OH! New Orleans. Frenchys – New Orleans Frenchys? Yeah Those are the New Orleans Saints But a Saint would be a terrible mascot, right? They just want peace They played against the Vikings, which are my dad’s favorite team; and my mom, just to spite him, wanted to support them Uh, Detroit doves, just because it begins with a ‘D’ It looks like something angelic and nice. Not a violent bird Eagle? – Yes Yes! The spread eagles The Philadelphia Eagles That sounds familiar. From the movie with Bradley Cooper It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia did a whole episode about that They really like the Eagles… Silver Linings Playbook Mark Wahlberg, Invincible – You got zero correct Yeah, I did great I don’t know sports very well, but I thought I knew the NFL… Apparently not Apparently I got one wrong… I do not believe that – It was the wrong city… It’s still the right team!

People Who DON’T Watch Football Guess NFL Helmets

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