you know how people catch flies with
chopsticks I think you’re too hyped. no I’m not. Funny Chopsticks challenge. Ping pong challenge. Chop challenge. Sticks Challenge. Chop sticks challenge. Enjoy! you know how people catch flies with
chopsticks we saw it on TV and we’re like bro we can’t do that so what we’re
gonna do is do things that are just as difficult if not a little bit less
difficult it not moderate difficulty first challenge ping-pong with
chopsticks see that’s pretty sick that’s pretty tough so apparently we’re
actually good at this sport little warm-up before we actually get it going we practice little yesterday to see if
this was actually possible let me got the hang of it I’m ready to
start destroying your face okay so we’re gonna do a quick competition we do a
good competition up to five okay one servi Jill zero oh right stop stop one
zero I even my little one by the way we’re
gonna do this one this is not raise this house is racist the fact that you said
this might be races is racist no but I know what some people might think they
might think it’s racist what what is this racist about this cheap chopsticks
bing-bong ching-chong that is not racist it’s just top is what it is it’s those
two oh my god you got it oh you are now come
back or just watch yeah yeah we’re talking scared yeah you bet oh my god game point
oh my gosh Oh DRO IP or four oh my god oh my god I
didn’t see someone’s gonna keep a counter why this work for the editor is
gonna keep it counting right oh my god guys this was much harder than you think
Eric won this ping-pong tournament on to the next challenge just do it I was
doing all that ping pong we’ve kind of got hungry so we’re like why not eat
chopsticks with cereal Styria with chopsticks chopsticks so we’re gonna see
who could finish a bowl cereal faster we’re not gonna eat the cereal with
chopsticks we’re gonna use the chopsticks to use the spoon ready before
we start comment down below your favorite cereal one two three it’s a
little out oh good grip on it indeed my god got it
oh my god oh my god what I got the hang of it oh my god I used to do this in
middle school hey my hand hurts little baby
oh my chocolate I’m distracting don’t we go I’m getting
the camera you cheated it just like you did very end very end windows-only mil
clip more than it’s even worth waiting here plus these this and this I just
don’t want no I was you’re gonna die I promise guys there’s a fly there use so
now since we just ate and our teeth are there deep why not get some clean teeth
after that cereal oh my god if our agent girlfriend should be so proud of me people don’t know that chopsticks were
invented in Africa well what was all that right maybe crying what no most
people do chopsticks were invented in Africa no no no huge battles on net for
me I’m better with you oh yeah if you like this video and you haven’t seen
anything like this and you thought this was pretty interesting
share this video show it to your friends yeah be Asian friends I’m definitely
showing this to my Asian friends if you know how to use chopstick or if you
don’t know how to use chopsticks or if you’re thinking about using chopsticks
if you know what a chopstick is like the video that’s that’s fair and don’t
forget to comment your favorite cereal until next time see ya alright get to
editing so I’m gonna stab you shot me let’s go
bang bang bang

PING PONG WITH CHOPSTICKS!! | Chop Sticks Challenge

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  • July 26, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    Nice vid

  • July 26, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    I love how unique your challenges are šŸ˜‚

  • July 29, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    Hey I subbed can u sub back?

  • August 10, 2017 at 1:17 am

    coco puffs


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