How is the equipment in Underwater Rugby? Underwater Rugby is a sport that combines both swimming, apnea, and contact, and therefore, needs equipment which should be able to meet these needs. The first element is the swimsuit. Those we use are swimming, because in addition to swimsuit fulfills the function of distinctive team, for this reason we always have a white swimsuit and a dark one. The other most distinctive element in rugby is the cap, which must have the same color of the swimsuit, and they are from waterpolo, since they have the earmuffs which serve to protect the ears. Usually, we use two types of fins, some that are softer, that we usually use for training. There are also fiber fins (harder). The next essential element to play is the mask, which fulfills a double function. At first, it allows us to see more than a normal swimming goggles, and second, it protects us against impacts In addition to the mask, we also use snorkel. It has two functions, the first is that when we are on the surface we can breathe while we continue watching the game, and it also serves as a mouthguard, to protect us from impacts. Last but not least, there is an element that only the male team uses, and this time it has a unique function, this is the shell, which serves to protect the most precious of the man.

PiPe – ¿Cómo es la equipación en el Rugby Subacuático?
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