Which are the rules of the UnderWater Rugby? Underwater rugby is played in a pool between 3.5 to 5 meters deep. In each game there are 12 players per team, 6 of which are in the water, and the other 6 are on the bench waiting for a change, the relays will be during all the game and without stopping the game, everyone and unlimited. Although it is called rugby, the ball is not oval, it doesn’t have scrums and it plays as if it were similar to handball. The goals are metal baskets, they are sunken at the bottom of the pool, and are similar to a basketball. All contact is allowed, except blunt blows. The basic rule is that everyone can touch the one who has the ball, and vice versa, those who don’t have a ball cannot touch each other. If the ball leaves the water or the perimeter of the field, the opposing team recovers the ball. There is a typology of fouls, the minor involve a loss of the ball by the offender team, and the serious ones involve an exclusion of the player during two minutes of the game. Each match is two 15-minute parts at a standstill with a break of 5 minutes in between parts.

PiPe – ¿Cuáles son las reglas del Rugby Subacuático?
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    Que tal equipo pirañas, soy de la ciudad de la paz :México y tenemos un equipo me gustaría saber más sobre este deporte y los eventos que se organiza

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