The President: Well,
thank you very much. And it’s my great honor
to welcome the college football national
champions to the White House, the University of
Alabama Crimson Tide. Congratulations. Congratulations. (Applause) To the
University President Stuart Bell, Athletic
Director Greg Byrne, Coach Nick Saban, and the
extraordinary group of players – and they are
extraordinary and they’re going to be very rich;
they’re going to be very – (laughter) – gathered here, congratulations
on your incredible victory. It was truly a
win for the ages. I don’t know if you
know, but I was there. I was there. I got to see it. Each of you here today is
here because of your grit, your drive, your
dedication, and your incredible teamwork. You all worked together,
inspired each other, had each other’s backs, and
drove yourselves onward to one of the greatest
victories ever. You carry on a storied
tradition of Alabama football excellence. It really is excellence. Coach, you’ll have
to explain that. You could sell that
secret, make a lot of money. You know that. (Laughter) You
could only sell it. Over the last several
decades, America learned – it’s really – in a very
big way, learned that Alabama football knows how
to win and how to keep winning. They just keep winning. And it also takes a great
coach and a great athletic director and all of
the other ingredients. But you’ve now claimed 26
SEC Championships and 17 National Championships. Five of your national
championships were won under Coach Saban. Was it five or six? Six? I thought it was six. It’s going to be six. Right? Coach Saban:
And one at LSU. (Laughter) The President:
And one at LSU. That’s right. (Laughter) So, you
have six altogether? Wow. (Laughter) They shouldn’t
have let you go, Coach. (Laughter) And they’re
thinking about that, too. Including this year’s
national championship, which will go down as
one of the most exciting finishes in college
football history – of any sport. Anyone who wants to know
how Alabama does it should study Coach Saban’s
simple philosophy. It’s called “The Process.” Coach tells his players,
“Don’t look at the scoreboard; don’t look at
any external factors.” Just focus “all your
efforts, all your toughness, and all your
discipline” on executing each play. One play at a time. And by doing that, by
focusing on “The Process,” the outcome – winning –
will take care of itself. It’s a great philosophy. In the national
championship game, you stuck to “The Process,”
even when it was looking pretty tough. I was watching. I said, “Coach, not
looking too good.” Down 13-to-nothing at
halftime to a great Georgia team, these
champions fought back as they did all season long. And they kept
fighting and fighting. Jalen Hurts displayed
amazing poise and leadership. Where’s Jalen? Jalen. (Applause) Great. Great job. That was poise. Calvin Ridley torched
defenses all year, becoming the only second
receiver – and you’re the only one – in Alabama
history to compile over 200 receptions
for a career. Two-hundred. Where’s Calvin? Hey, Calvin. (Applause and laughter) Two-hundred receptions. That’s not bad. Damien Harris took his
rightful place alongside the famed Alabama ball
carriers of past years. Damien. Damien. Hey, Damien. (Applause) Rashaan Evans and Da’Ron Payne
and the rest of the defense beat opposing offenses
into submission. I’ve watched a lot of
those games and sometimes, as Coach Saban likes to say,
you flat-out made them quit. They quit. We’re doing that to
a lot of people, too. (Laughter) I learn. Where’s Bradley B. and Rashaan and Da’Ron? Where are you guys? Come here. (Applause) That money is
going to be pouring in. Look at the size
of these guys. So, Bradley, great job. Offensive line kept the
Tide rolling downhill. And Bradley got the win of
his lifetime after the big game, when his girlfriend
agreed to say, “Yes, I will marry you.” (Applause) She’s
still with you? Bozeman: She is. (Laughter) Luckily. The President:
She’s still there. That’s good. (Laughter) There was one moment when
it looked grim for Alabama in
the title game. On the first play of
overtime, Georgia sacked Tua for a big loss. Where’s Tua? Where’s Tua? (Applause) Tua, what
are you doing up there? What’s he doing up there? (Laughter) But that was
the only loss they got you for. But the Crimson Tide never
gave in – never even a little bit – and
it just worked out. On the very next play,
Tua dropped back to pass, launched the ball from
near midfield – I was watching – and the entire
country watched as arms lifted up, and DeVonta
Smith caught that ball for the win. DeVonta. (Applause) And that
was amazing win. DeVonta? Where’s DeVonta? What’s going
on over there? (Laughter and applause) Unbelievable throw
and a catch. Every moment of hard
work and preparation for Alabama paid off. We’re proud of you. We’re proud of
your teammates. Each member of this
incredible football program, you can all be
proud of yourselves. We’re proud of
the way you play. We’re proud of the way you
represent yourselves, your university,
and your state. And that is a
great, great state. I know because I
won it by 32 points. (Laughter and applause) I actually think more than
that, but anyway. You know, with the press,
you like to keep it low because they’ll
always correct you. (Laughter) And we’re proud
to once again call the University of Alabama
our national champions. Thank you, and Roll Tide. (Applause) It’s a great
honor of mine to introduce a man I have a lot
of respect for. Don’t know him; got to know
him today in the Oval Office. And you’ve been here six
times, but it’s your first time in the Oval Office. They didn’t invite you,
the other – they don’t invite you? See? (Laughter) Trump
invites you. But he is a great coach. And you know, he’s
a great winner. I think, more than
anything else, he’s a great winner. Coach Nick Saban. Thank you. Thank you, Coach. (Applause) Coach Saban: You know, not
many people get invited to the White House, so not many
people get invited to see the President and
meet the President. So, this is a special
day for our team. A team that is being
honored here because of their achievements in
terms of winning the college football national
championship, which makes me very proud. This season was a little
bit of a metaphor of life in terms of the
togetherness, the hard work, the perseverance
that these young men sort of put together to
overcome a lot of adversity, to create a
legacy for a lifetime and a memory for a lifetime
for them because of what they were able to
accomplish together as a team. This group of young men
will also learn a lot of lessons, I think, that
will help them be more successful in life because
of the experiences they had together this
year as a team. A special thanks to our
administration, Dr. Bell, our Athletic Director Greg
Byrne, and all of the supporters of Alabama football
who make our team special. And a special thanks to
President – our President to invite us here and make
this a special day for us. President Trump,
thank you so much. The President: Thank you. Coach Saban: And because of
our gratitude, our captains would like to make a
presentation to our President. Captains. The President: Oh, I like that. (Laughter) Coach Saban: Looks good. (Applause) The President:
I’ll put it on.

President Trump Hosts the 2017 NCAA Football National Champions the Alabama Crimson Tide
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    I’m very glad they prayed for him. Tremendously inspiring. The spirit of good and righteousness will never relinquish our destiny or sovereignty. No energy in the universe can overcome good. Looks like Alabama got the memo, this is a patriotic movement and Donald J Trump is the right man for the job. Relax liberals, it’s just a phrase. I have full faith in America’s military, and in Donnie J Trump. Who hails from Queens, I must say he makes proud to be from the NY/NJ area. Let’s show the world what were made of. This is America folks, and I’m once again proud to be American. After 9/11 I lost a lot of faith, I knew something was wrong. It’s about time we take down the international cabal of degenerates scum, whom seek to do humanity harm with dreams of power and control.
    Evil must understand one thing, the worst thing they can do is wake a gentle giant. Mistaking ones kindness for weakness could May well be a grave mistake, for them.
    It’s obvious they are evil, so give ‘em Hell Don. Thanks 🙏 Military, you guys did not let us down. All of you patriots are something special, and every American weather they know it or not is eternally grateful. The fight goes on, but it sure feels good knowing we are fighting the good fight. Godspeed patriots!
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    American strong = America strong

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    God Bless Us All

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    I'm happy to see Alabama show up. No politics… just recognition of a great accomplishment by Alabama.


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