An Erasmus project of strategic partnership with other 5 nations is the one in which the Virgilio Institute of Eboli will take part. Portugal, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria and
Romania will be the nations that in the next two years will mix culture, traditions
and disciplines with the Italian ones with absolute protagonists the students. The project idea “sport to educate, to integrate and to become a citizen of the world” will be based on sports given that sport is one of the main vehicles of cohesion and growth, especially among young people. In these days the school has had teachers from European institutes to discuss and coordinate all the activities. Massimo Cariello, mayor of Eboli, is enthusiastic about this initiative. A beautiful project, I had the pleasure of meeting 5 representatives of 5 nations which represents how good the principal and the whole structure were in creating this network, this synergy The Erasmus represents a source of excellence and pride for our territory and will also be an opportunity to promote our city, our initiatives, to enhance our products and at the same time to give the students of this school a chance, which is a school growing exponentially and which has achieved significant results even with national recognition to bring out even more achievements We are investing our energies and the principal is investing with important networks that make the social and cultural level of the whole community grow. This path will last two years and will be a novelty for the city of Eboli and beyond. Every country has chosen its sport and the boys will be prepared in these years to better face this multicultural adventure. Not only sport but an opportunity for human and social growth for many students, as Tonia Policastro, the creator of the project, tells us. In fact, the meeting with the principal Ugatti, my old friend, led us to think about the beginning of a project. Then I came to visit the school and after seeing the areas, their equipment, and being myself a sportswoman, I thought of creating a project based on sport. Behind this project there is the idea that sport is not based on competition, but it’s all about the values that are linked to sport itself, it will be used to inculcate and deepen these values in children, which will help them grow. They are values such as solidarity, respect for the rules, The practice to respect the rules will be learnt and used on daily basis, in every field of civil life. Solidarity is also important, because we need to know how to welcome others, have patience with the weakest, not exclude them, and socialize with people who are different from us. And then, through sport, people are evaluated for what they are, for what they can do, without prejudice, without distinction of race, religion, or anything else. Our first trip will be in Greece, and some of the Olympic games will be held there, depending on which competitions will be chosen. And then the kids will make billboards, will write down the values values that were connected to the old Olympic games and how they can be related to our modern idea of sport. The Virgilio institute will have the honor to host the final event in May 2021, and it doesn’t surprise the pride of the principal Gabriella Ugatti soul of the Virgilio Institute, who, with her cutting-edge methods, is getting new results year after year. In this school, multiculturalism is at the order of the day, in fact we have 238, or perhaps even more, foreign students, and the number is constantly increasing, therefore the hospitality and the inclusion it’s part of the DNA of our school, and because of that we want to ensure that our students will apply these values not only among them, but also and above all to the foreign students. Thanks to this experience they will exactly understand that hospitality and solidarity are the essential virtues and qualities of life.

Progetto Erasmus+ Istituto Virigilio: Sport come veicolo della multiculturalità
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