(music)>>Happy Friday everybody. Roommates beat me to it, they’re already
awake downstairs as you can probably already hear the music bumping. Today is game day between Quinnipiac
and Yale, men’s ice hockey rivalry match. I’m excited for it, we’ll see what the day has in store. You can definitely feel the buzz on campus with students,
especially when there’s a big game like tonight against Yale, one of our biggest rivals and one of the biggest rivalries
in college hockey, actually; Quinnipiac against Yale. We’re only 20 minutes away from them here in Hamden, they’re in
New Haven. It’s going to be an exciting game but, go Bobcats! So, I just got out of work, I’m waiting now for a shuttle to
take me up to York Hill campus, but not without my ticket. Got one for the game tonight and they sold out in
10 seconds, so I’m one of the lucky few. Catch you up on York! (music) So, I just got off the shuttle on York Hill and believe it or not,
at 2:30 right now, there’s a line to get in at the hockey arena. Alright so we are on the way out, leaving the room now
going down to the People’s United Center. Beat Yale! Off we go. (music) This is going to be a great game. How about
that for a line, huh, boys?! That’s ridiculous.>>We’re moving, we’re moving!>>I know! (music) Alright, what questions you got for me Jess?>>Questions… is this your first Yale – Quinnipiac game?>>This is my first Yale – Quinnipiac game.
>>Are you excited?>>I am so excited. Can you see it on my face? I’m very, very excited.>>I can see it.
>>Okay.>>You look excited.>>You like my jersey too?>>I do, very sporty.>>I got a jersey, my roommate donated it to me, so. Alright, it’s about 4:30 right now which
means there’s an hour until doors open. This line is huge! Alright so, Connor just downloaded the new snap lenses from Quinnipiac. There’s the snap filter! Whaddup whaddup! So, it’s about 5:08, got about 22 minutes before
they let people in. The band’s here performing. The line is longer than ever. The hockey team
is definitely going to impress everybody here. It’s going to be a convincing win against Yale. You heard it here first. Yeahhhhhh! I started that! Alright we are in the arena. We are inside. They’re giving out free shirts. I gotta get quick to my seat, otherwise someone’s gonna take it. This place is electric. You can feel the energy; the whole
place is buzzing right now. Everyone’s running to their seats. Super exciting. Towel on every seat right now for Quinnipiac.
All students are gonna be able to wave it around and it’s going to look really cool with all the yellow
towels whipping around while the game’s going on. We got about 50 minutes until game time.
The chants are already starting up.>>Let’s go Bobcats!>>What’s a better way to kill time? Come on. Come on boys. Come on. Got one. Alright, now for real, I’ll see
you at puck drop. Let’s go Bobcats! Beat Yale! It is electric in here tonight! Alright, they are at center ice as we speak.
The battle on Whitney Ave is off. Bobcats win the faceoff! And a quick fast break! An early chance right there. We’ll be back at the first score. Wow! Wow! With about 12 minutes left in
the first period, Quinnipiac goes up by one goal. 1-0, Quinnipiac, half way through the first. So, this is the guy who sang the national
anthem. He came back out. This is awesome. (singing and music) Three minutes into the second period Bobcats are up by two. Five minutes into the second period
and Quinnipiac put up two more goals. 3-0 Bobcats. We’re not even half way through the second period. My prediction holds true. 4-0 Bobcats.
Two and a half minutes left in the third. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. My prediction held true. 4-0 Bobcats, final score. Shots were 46-21. Quinnipiac wins the Battle on Whitney Ave.
Signing off, we’ll catch you next time. Go Bobcats!

Quinnipiac Day in the Life: Quinnipiac vs Yale Men’s Hockey Game
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