[Announcer] – It’s time for some homecoming hockey
here at the Matamy Athletic Centre. The Ryerson Rams getting set to take on the Queen’s Gaels. [Cavin Leth] – Coming out, it seemed like you were in a championship game with everyone screaming your name and wanting obviously the home team to win. [Johnny Duco] – We come out no matter what and we compete for 60 minutes, whether we’re up whether we’re down. We stay positive. We
continue to work as a team and we compete and we execute within our
systems. We bring our compete, we bring our execution, we’re going be a tough
hockey team for anyone to play against. We got Duper in the pipes, those five guys
starting. Let’s come out fast start here gold, let’s go! [Announcer] – Ryerson fans flooding in
here tonight and we’re all set for puck drop. [Johnny Duco] – Go, go, go! [Announcer] – Barwell slides it across for Cook and his shot just wide of the net. Johnny Duco entering his fourth season as head coach of the Rams. Quick shot on net. Nice glove save from
Taylor Dupuis. [Mat Santos] – Showing all the students that we can have a homecoming here at Ryerson even though we don’t have a football team is pretty cool and I was happy to be a part
of that experience. [Announcer] – Up to Barwell, slides it across to Santos. Dancing into the Queen’s zone, Santos slides it across to Hayden McCool; he shoots and scores! Hayden McCool makes it 2-0 … [Cavin Leth] – Coming out and having that big of support, I think a lot of us, I mean there’s definitely a pride
filled moment coming out and being able to see that many people come out and
want us to succeed as a team. [Announcer] – Heading into the third period, Ryerson with the 2-1 lead over the defending OUA champion Queen’s Gaels. [Johnny Duco] – Let’s go boys, 20 miles hard here. Four or five six shifts each. [Announcer] – And we’re off. Jared Walsh with some speed into the Queen’s zone, takes a shot on net. Pad save. Patrick Fellows scores on the rebound! 3-1 Rams. [Johnny Duco] – That’s a great shot. Perfect shot. Sick shot. [Mat Santos] – We were on the powerplay for sure and we were moving around up top we had a couple chances earlier and then I think
it went from me to Deal and then back to me and I had some ice I just
wound up a slapshot and put it home and it was it was awesome. I probably put my
arms up and did like a little swing or something but yeah you definitely fed
off the energy of the crowd. It was a good topping on the cake for
a great night. [Announcer] – So the Ryerson Rams put on the new tarps and take down the defending OUA champs by a score of 4-1. [Johnny Duco] – Thank you! Sick crowd.

Rampage: Homecoming
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