Yeah. They thought it was a
really interesting game. The fact that there’s two
penalty shots in the game, you don’t really see one
penalty shot in a game often, nevermind two. Kind of a weird game
we get up 2-0 again. This way we found a
way to hold onto it. I don’t think Framingham
was the strongest of teams. But found a way to get the
job done, got a lot of guys. And two guys scored
their first career goals. Cole with his first career
start, first career win. So got some guys in that
haven’t really played much. Got some guys some rest and got
some guys some minutes today. They talked about getting up
2-0 similar to your first three games there. Was something you guys learned
from those first three games to kind of keep the team at
bay and belong to the lead and build off it? Yeah. The first two
games, we go up 2-0. We tie against St. Mike’s. We kind of let them back in it. Bring out and we go up
2-0, and then back in it. And then we talked
about having that killer instinct between the Bryn Athyn
games about putting teams away. And I thought we did a better
job against Bryn Athyn. And then a OK job again today. I think it’s something we
got to continue to preach and continue to hammer
over their heads, is we got to find
ways to put teams away and it’s not point night and try
to be cute and score highlight real goals. You’ve got to continue
to play the way that you played to get to that point,
and continue to pound on him and pounce on him and
don’t give him an inch. He mentioned two freshmen
scoring the first career goals. They also have goals
tonight from Brett Strawn, Chris Moquin. And you talk to returning
scores from last year. How important is it
to get them going at this point in the season? Yeah. You look at the score
sheet before today, and you would think a kid
who was your leading point guy last year, and
the guy that scored 20 goals in 24 games,
pointless in three games is pretty disappointing. And about time they
got on the score sheet. Probably a good time to get on
it going into St. A’s, which is going to be a huge
battle of Manchester here, conference game, and
looking to change history here.

Rapid Reaction: Ice Hockey 4, Framingham State 1
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