Finally REAL 2PM could have a shooting in Hong Kong! Isn’t my hair interesting? It naturally makes curls even though I didn’t have a perm. If I do not dry my hair at home, I get these curls. I didn’t like it before, but now I am quite satisfied. My original hair was straight. If all of you could see my elementary school graduation photo… I had a straight hair. I don’t know what happened to me. Hello, are excited with a selfie stick? We are now having a rehearsal. Mr. Wooyoung, how’s your condition today? Lion hair Don’t move There is a photographer Please look at Chasung’s clothes. He looks really like a professional photographer. He even dressed up like a photographer with a loose shirt. His hair style……Why? It looks awesome? Oh my… When I take a portrait, I should photograph it when no one cares about me. I need to catch the natural aspect. Hello Where are we at? We are in Hong Kong. We are here to have a concert rehearsal. Can you see the concert hall? (Hello. We will have a microphone check starting with Jun. K) A microphone check. Hello, this is Jun. K. (Okay, thank you)
Thank you. (Mr. Junho) (Okay, thanks. Mr. Chansung, it’s your turn please.) Yes, hello. … I again appreciate your efforts today. One, two, three Oops, you surprised me. We will shoot Taecyeon from far distance.
Can you hear the microphone sound? Then, let’s begin the rehearsal. Great. Please stay calmed. 20 minutes left to the concert. Isn’t it dark? There is nothing. There is a sea infront of the concert hall. I guess fans didn’t get to see the backside. This is the parking lot in the back. The equipments enter through this way. That door connects directly to the stage. Backstage Then we will enter this way by riding a car. When we arrive, we enter like this. After entering, we arrive. Hello. This is Taecyeon. Where we are at? We have a concert in Hong Kong. We are in the backstage of Hong Kong concert. Many celebrities sang here. Let’s see. There is Tayler Swift, and there is an amazing singer, Bruno Mars. Yes. Bruno Mars sang…… What song are you singing? Please sing ‘Treasure’.
I don’t know that song very well
You don’t know ‘Treasure’? Doesn’t work.
Doesn’t work? This is Mr. Yang ByeongJik. Next is GwangRyeol. He is now receiving a makeup. And this is GOT7 dancer, who is practicing really hard. His name is HyungWoong. I was trying to practice hart lol It’s been a long time for him to join 2PM concert. I hope he doesn’t forget our choreography lol It’s been a long time for him to join us because he has been working with GOT7. Next person is our NamYong. He is wearing a pin. I am not sure this clip can be used, but anyway…
What’s this shooting for?
For REAL 2PM. I really missed you a lot. But it is difficult to see. That attitude looks good. You look perfectly like a Cyborg. He wears the microphone on eyes. Originally, Wooyoung talks with his eyes. Let’s play. That’s what I just did. I am doing it because I am bored. You make me feel embarrasing. So you are now doing Hip-hop? I just do it because I feel bored. There is nothing. Then Junho’s first step of Hip-hop life begins. Nothing.
There is something?
No more. It is so evident. This one is boring. That’s why I am trying to change. That’s good. Fine. Looks good. That’s mine.
Is this your cell phone? It is because we both don’t use a case. It weights this much and that weights that much I should leave now shortly for an interview. We are ready. Junho! Look at me. ‘BJunho Mars’ ‘Junho Five’ This is where we are taking a photo shoot.
Can you see how I showed up? Ta-da! Nice to meet you. We are idols. We should check the details like this in case we forget the choreography. There is a certain face when Wooyoung is pondering. We are going to take a photo shoot. It’s Hong Kong. I think all of our Hong Kong concerts took placed in this concert hall. As you can see, there are Jason Mraz, Maroon Five, and then Taylor Swift… I guess he is also Jason Mraz? And this is Bruno Mars. Today…will be fun? Because today is Valentine’s Day. 2PM really had the best performance today.
Everyone, Hong Kong fans are really Hong Kong-like. They are so energetic. We really enjoyed a lot. (Let’s go) Okay, we are leaving.

[Real 2PM] Selfie Stick Play in Hong Kong
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