[MUSIC PLAYING] Not cool, man. Not cool! NARRATOR: Racing Sports Network
presents Rearview Replay with Roy Gauge and Ericka Dent. ERICKA: We aren’t
going tractor tipping again today, are we Roy? ROY: Hold your
horsepower there, Ericka! Today we’re taking a look at
one of my favorite training techniques. Sneak through that window. What does that mean? ROY: Racers are bound to get
caught up in a little bit of traffic on the track. This training technique will
help sneak you right up front. ERICKA: I think I get it. Would you mind talking
us through it, Roy? Go!
ROY: Oh, sure. There’s nothing to it, Ericka. Alls’ you gotta do is look for
the window of opportunity, be patient, and then come in. ERICKA: OK. I think we can break it down
into three simple steps. Now, let’s take a closer look. ROY: Oh, that’s a bit too close. ERICKA: Step one,
look for the window. ROY: It’s all about
understanding the herd. It may not seem
like it, but there’s a real rhythm to it, Ericka. ERICKA: That makes sense, Roy. OK. Now, step two, patience. You have to wait for
the right opportunity. ROY: Now, this one’s always
been a hard one for me. ERICKA: I’d say so, Roy. ROY: Nothing worse
than being stuck behind a slowpoke or a
nightler, or a real dipstick. ERICA: Well, Roy,
sometimes it takes a long time for the right
moment to present itself. The right opportunity to– ROY: Are we still on step two? ERICKA: Yes. Patience, Roy. ROY: Is it just me or is
step two taking for-ever? ERICKA: Moo-ving on to
step three, commit. ROY: Finally. ERICKA: You see the
window and commit. ROY: This is where you
leave all your fear in the rearview mirror. ERICKA: OK, Roy,
now let’s see how Cruise applies this
technique in the Florida 500. Now, remember Thomasville. CRUISE: Thomasville?
– Yeah. Sneak through the window. Sneak through the window! ROY: It’s a tad hard to
focus with all these tractors out there on the track. ERICKA: Cruise is using
her memory of the tractors to help push through the track. Let’s start with step
one, look for the window. Step two– wait for it, Roy. ROY: I’m waiting. ERICKA: Patience. ROY: And a-waitin’. How many laps do I have to wait? ERICKA: As long as it takes. And commit! ROY: Goodbye, fear. Hello, checkered flag! ERICKA: Way to go, Cruise! You really had
it rolling today. – That was cool.
– Thank you! NARRATOR: Coming up on
Racing Sports Network.

Rearview Replay: Window Sneaking | Racing Sports Network by Disney•Pixar
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