[Music] ANNOUNCER: From Berylson Field on the campus of Harvard University this is the Ivy League on ESPN This afternoon, a top-20 matchup The first-year leads the Flames in scoring On her horse, all the way towards net, centering feed, that just missed The rebound, answered as well, still loose by the post van Vlijmen, holding, shooting, scores! The Crimson have equalized! Sends it into action, Pearce will have a rip, denied by Schaefer! Corner for the Flames They look backdoor…down and out was Shahbo, and she corrals it! Ripped, and the tip just wide! Allen’s got it Turns away from one, and a second. Drops into the circle, Tarrant looking for it, here’s Earle. Tarrant has a rip at it. And she scores! [Crowd cheers] [Music]

Recap: Field Hockey vs. Liberty
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