[Music] ANNOUNCER: Quickly resets and it’s picked up by Natalie Sicher again last year with 7:30 left scored the game-winning goal this year Harvard gets on the board a little bit earlier and it’s tipped home! Quick shot deflected all the way through and it finds the back of the net! They hope that they can create some chances of their own down on the other side. Five minutes left here in this second quarter Approaching halftime as Tarrant fires one over Rosati for the third goal for the Crimson! That was a beauty getting it over Rosati and Tarrant extends the Crimson lead. Unsettled offensive-minded team so far. It has been all Crimson and there is another one! That ball might have been deflected in as well. Leaves it for van Vlijmen a shot a very hard one Casey Allen there to clean up the mess! Left on the outside, but a great save by Rosati, but it’s tapped home by Broze! [Music]

Recap: Field Hockey vs. Penn
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