(Music) Announcer: That one sprung in there and there’s a chance. Announcer 2: Break away opportunity, Allen a shot, deflected wide! Up to the top, Van Vlijmen, with a nice turn. a fire, and a shot just wide. Bounces it forward to Tarrant, tries to turn, set up the backhand shot Tarrant loads, fires, the save by Bing. Penalty corner chance here for the Cardinal.
Sarah Johnson with the injection. Up top they send it up, and a diving save by Shahbo! Using that space to keep it away from Harvard to avoid the Crimson pressure. Van Vlijmen missed, rebound score! Casey Allen! On the doorstep beats Bing! And we are tied at 1! Zanolli settles it on the spot, gets the whistle, Zanolli to win it for Stanford…off the post and wide! Greenwood, gets it into some open space. Johnson coming to cut down the angle. Greenwood cuts it back against the grain. Greenwood goes the other way again. Greenwood shot…off the post! Two posts here in OT. (Music)

Recap: Field Hockey vs. Stanford
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