ANNOUNCER: Pokes ahead it comes to Murphy he takes his shot and he scores on the
first shot of the night for Harvard he puts the Crimson up 1-nothing. Johnson gets another opportunity on net the rebound was out
in front for a moment. Welsh to Pierson, Pierson through the slot makes it move but it’s followed all the way by Cameron Gornet Thrun intentionally off the end boards back
behind the net off Kaczperski and in a goal scored by John Farinacci 41 seconds remaining on the Crimson power play remaining it’s Dornbach. He hits Drury, now centers it. Walsh scores on the power play and
it’s 3-0 Harvard. Baker Shore with a shot a
rebound chance scores for Farinacci gets his second goal of the night. A steal right in front of the net and
the captain takes the puck and puts it in another uncharacteristic turnover. One on one here, a big hit late the
arm stays down a rebound chance in a score by Jack

Recap: Men’s Ice Hockey at Yale
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