>>You heard Riley say money. How did you know?>>I knew it when I woke up Saturday morning. No, but seriously, I was never actually a holder but you get to know– you trust that Jake’s experienced enough to line up and then you look at his plant foot and he’s not angled and his weight is good and the contact is like a golf swing and then if he does all those things, you know it’s going in so I was watching all those and he had good balance and his foot came through. I was surprised to see how close it came but I knew it was solid contact.>>There are so many things that were fun to see, specifically the W of course, but the offense. The offense we saw through overtime really found a rhythm. Is the answer to jump starting the offense giving ty’son more carries?>>I think so and it depends on how you define jump start. That’s foundational work. I do think ty’son has big play ability but heading into this week, it’ll be tough. Making life hard. You have to be committed to laying the foundational work. Some teams like the pass to soften the defense for the run. BYU hasn’t proven to be effective enough to do that so now they have to establish the run and open the defense so I think it’s definitely important to lay the foundation, as far as jump start I wouldn’t have a problem giving more to ty’son.>>Riley who is always money is with us. When you look at BYU’s defense giving up 252 yards yet usc is a heavy pass team, what kind of offense do you expect from the trojans?>>Yeah, they’ll be who they are. Usc continued to implement air raid offense and they have riches in position and drake and between those guys those guys will likely be drafted so you have to play to your strength but the running back, I don’t have a pronunciation guide. I copy what he does but he’s a good player so BYU at the field positions, they’re kind of, I’ll be surprised to see what they come out and do. Usc is capable of running but if they want to play the hot hand and throw it they’ll try too and it’ll be interesting.>>We’ve been talking a lot about the way the team is playing at home against p5 teams, big games, since 2016 the biggest home win is probably the one over Mississippi state and now BYU has an opportunity for one of those big wins. What’s the key to winning a big home game in your opinion?>>Great question. The key is just, on the road when you have all the extra energy and fans and band, it feeds into your motivation to come in as the underdog but at home, it mounts on you. You want to protect and win over the crowd and it magnifies the expectations and causes players maybe not to perform to their peak. I think the key is acknowledging and embracing the energy and the support from your fans instead of them being pressure.>>Riley Nelson with us on BYU sports nation. Kalani stake knows how it’s important to protect Lavell’s house. If BYU doesn’t win one of the next three, they’re guaranteed a losing record at home. What would you say?>>Great question. I am kind of, I would really tell the team what I just said about the pressure. We have to go 1-0, do all the things right. We can’t look at it like one of three, you have to focus on the first quarter, then the second, third, fourth, and take that approach. My message would be to minimize, everyone’s already feeling that and wanting to go undfeated at home but you have people taking it game by game.>>We’re on to usc.>>From BYU’s defensive perspective, they’re going against a true freshman quarterback. How do you defend this?>>If I’m, and I’m not defensive coordinator, but I would do all or nothing. Do my best, have a bunch of guys in coverage, if you do what Stanford did and play one on one coverage that’s going to be hard so you want him to have a bunch of defenders and bring in and pass to run and then mix it up with an overloaded blitz look because he doesn’t have the reps behind him to identify the blitzes clearly and that’s your best chance to rattle him and stop him being that distributor. He feels the pressure and we’ll see how he responds.>>What is the key matchup to pull the upset and knock off usc?>>Each one of them had catches of more than 30 yards which is crazy. The fact that it was spread across four players but the key is secondary or defense keeping them and putting consistent drives and not getting lucky by letting a guy get behind and making a big play. Easier said than done but that’s BYU’s defensive identity. I like the chances of BYU’s defense doing that. Put together a long drive and see how usc responds.>>BYU’s defense making some changes, we saw Zayne Anderson playing safety, Chaz ah you. Do you like those moves?>>You’ve got to get your best on the field. You see it in basketball too. You can’t do it across entire defense but where BYU has their five dbs out there, get the playmakers out there.>>Who has been the surprise for you?>>Uh, you konw, I’m still riding high on Micah Simon. He’s a surprise. He caught two first downs, the catches he had on Saturday, he’s a drive continuer and the surprise for me is because I wasn’t sure based off last season if he was able to develop a relationship of trust with Zach so the fact that Zach is feeding him has been a pleasant surprise.>>This time of year locally, there’s overcast skies and the temperature’s dropping, this is exciting.>>Football is in the air. I’ve not been up in the mountains the last few days but I’ve seen the leaves changing and we’re right in the thick of things in week three, and September and October are our muddy months and to have this momentum, I’ve already– I think BYU would sell out, the cougar canyon pregame is huge, nobody has any excuse not to come to the game and with that in the change of seasons, no better time of year.>>Thanks man.>>Thanks guys.

Riley Nelson on BYUSN 9.11.19
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