What’s up guys! It’s Chris Majestic here with Majestechs. You remember a few months ago I did a review
on the Ring Stick Up Cam. Today with me I have what’s called the Ring
Solar Panel. This is going to be an accessory for the Stick
Up Cam so we’re going to go ahead and check this thing out today so stay tuned. So if you haven’t already go ahead and check
out the Stick Up Cam review I did a few months ago. I went into detail in that review. I’m not going to go into too much detail about
the Stick Up Cam here but just really quickly. It’s basically a surveillance camera. They call it the Stick Up Cam because it’s
battery-operated and it’s wireless, it’s going to connect to Wifi and you can put it wherever
you want. The only real downside was that it didn’t
have Live video on-demand. Most people would just expect to go on your
phone to view the live video feed to see what’s going on. The Stick Up Cam wouldn’t allow that before. It would remain in standby mode until it sensed
motion, then it would connect to Wifi, and then push the video. They did this to conserve battery life since
a constant Wifi connection would put a strain on the battery. However, through a recent firmware update
earlier this year Ring released Live View for the Stick Up Cam, and to address the possible
issues with battery life, they introduced the Ring Solar Panel. So the solar panel is going to keep it constantly
powered because it’s getting sunlight during the day and charging it at night, which allows
you to have constant power so you don’t drain your battery. The price of the Solar Panel is a separate
$49 so you’re looking at around $248 to get both of these together. Even though it is connected to Wifi now and
you have Live View, the only downside is that it does take a little while for the video
to pop up once you hit the Live View button. In my case, in most instances it took about
15 seconds, sometimes a little bit longer. So that’s something they’ll probably fix in
the future but right now it does take a little while for it to come up so you have to be
patient with it. As far as the design goes it’s a pretty basic
solar panel design. It’s just going to come with a little slot
for you to slide the mount into it and the mount is going to have a couple of screw holes
for you to mount it to a wall. It also comes with a non-removable micro-usb
cable that has a little rubber piece on the end to help make it weather-resistant. And just like the Ring Doorbell and the Stick
Up Cam the Solar Panel is covered for theft. That was one of the major selling points for
me, especially putting it somewhere where it can easily be reached. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind camera
on the market here. It was already one-of-a-kind to begin with
but now you can just put up the Solar Panel right along side it and you can put it wherever
you want and not have to worry about it. You’ve got your Live View, you’ve got motion
detection and it works really well. I have no major issues with it. Alright guys thanks for watching the video. Hopefully you found it helpful. If you did please make sure you hit that “Like”
button and thanks for watching.

Ring Solar Panel Review / Stick Up Cam Update
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