I made a video almost a year ago about
the Ring Video Doorbell and it’s actually one of the most viewed videos
on this channel but one of the comments that i kept getting on that video is that’s great for your front door but
what about the rest of your house Ring’s got you covered after my previous collaboration with
Ring I got in touch with them again recently about their very new product
the Stick Up Cam and so for this video in addition to sending out a Stick Up
Cam for me to take a look at they also offer to sponsor this video as
well as sending out a box of other Ring products so that you can see the entire
suite of things that they offer and I mean they send out a whole box of things
to look at now first up of course you’ve got the
Ring Video Doorbell as I mentioned a couple of times already I’ve already
made a video about the Ring Video Doorbell this is some updated packaging though it
does have a little bit of a different look and feel to it with a little pull
tabs that help you to get into everything and a quick install guide
built into it the original Ring Video Doorbell is still a highly integrated
part of my day to day life and after I made the previous video i’ve actually
been using their paid service i’ve been paying for myself for the last year no qualms about which speaks volumes so
make sure to check out that video if you want to learn more about it to go along
with the doorbell though if you don’t have an existing doorbell but you still
want to be able to hear it chime whatever someone pushes the doorbell they also have a chime the Ring Chime
and this is legitimately just a chime that you plug in you set it up over Wi-Fi and
you link it to your existing Ring Doorbell that’s really all there is to it it’s
just a chime with a plug on the end of it and a little teeny tiny quick install
guide the quick install guide i can only assume says plug it in look for a Wi-Fi but to get to the crux
of today’s video the Ring Stick Up Cam this is the camera you use to help
ensure you have that ring of security around your home the Ring Video Doorbell can be used in
the front of your home to protect your door and whatever front-facing areas of
the home you’ve got or whatever other part of the house you might put a
doorbell on but the Ring Stick Up Cam can basically go anywhere else anywhere
that you can stick it it can go it can be one hundred percent wireless
if you want it to be and just bring it in and charge it whenever you need to or you can use micro USB to plug it in
and they actually also included a solar panel you can use with it we’ll look at
that a little while later but as you can tell from just looking at it this
basically looks almost identical to the existing Ring Video Doorbell it just does not have a big old button on
the front of it because it’s intended to be used as a security camera but it’s
battery operated it does motion detection connects to Wi-Fi gives you
two way audio which is something you don’t see out of pretty much any other
security cameras out there and still uses the same cloud video recording
that we have with the Ring Video Doorbell it is a
720p camera you can see down here what it would look like it has battery or
solar powered as i mentioned and you can install it in just five minutes using
the adjustable mounting bracket or whatever other mounting options you want let us dig into this and get it set up
so there is the camera and just taking a look at it first impressions of it very
solidly built feels good in the hand has this nice lens sticking out of the front
here on the back there appear to be a couple of silicon covers so under one
you have the big orange setup button under the other yeah micro USB port and this I assume
would be what you mount it with you’ve got a bag of assorted screws and anchors one
additional screw and then all of your mounting gear with a little pull tab I’m liking the pull tabs down on the
very bottom you’ve got a micro USB charging cable just a short one and a
quick install guide which actually tells you what all the pieces and parts that
were included are you got the Ring Stick up cam you’ve got the security mount
you’ve got the quick release mount drill bit micro USB charging cable and some screws
and anchors and accessories and as I was starting to get to here this is your
quick release mount you can screw this into place and then use this to attach
the camera to – and just sort of click it on like this so whenever you’re ready to move the
camera just pop it off or you can use this one as a more secure mount and again
screw into the corners to hold it in place and this one lone screw that we
were looking at just a minute ago actually appears to go in any one of
these three spots because you basically take your little mount here you stick it in whichever spot you’d
want you run the screw through it and that’s that your mounted to it so I’m going to take a minute and get
all this set up here in just a minute but there are two more things in the box to
look at one is this extremely long 12-foot waterproof USB cable I say waterproof because it does have a
little bit of a shield here at the end you simply plug it into the back of the
camera like this and then the shield comes up and over protecting the inside
of the camera from any sort of water incursion and of course you have to do something
about the other end of the cable it would either have to come back inside
the house or it would have to go into some sort of a covered area something that’s
not going to have any sort of water around it but that is definitely a nice
option and then you have the USB solar panel the perfect charging solution for
your Stick Up Cam now as it mentions here on the back it does have the Ring
solar panel a mounting bracket a screwdriver, drill bit and installation screws and anchors inside
of the box here’s the dimensions on it seven and a half by six inches pretty decent size for solar panel and
it provides 2 watts 5 volts of power it’s weather resistant and it has a
micro USB charging cable but let’s take a quick look at what comes in
this box as well so that’s a panel that’s a solar panel right there this is where your mounting bracket would
go presumably but this has an included attached what appears to be 12 foot waterproof
cable and the good thing about this being self contained is you don’t have
to worry about protecting the end of the port it’s already protected and then of
course to go along with that you’ve got your mounting bracket it should basically just kind of slide
in here and click into place just like that you put two screws in it to hold it
on to whatever surface you wanted to put it on and that gives you a little bit of
flexibility in terms of how you want to angle it you can’t rotate it but that’s okay and
again you’ve got a couple of screws and anchors as well as a drill bit and a
screwdriver and an installation guide that should help you all along the way I’ve just
got to say the solar panel is really really cool and there’s the specs about it on the back
in case you’re curious it says 2 watts at 6 volts with a max current of 0.34
amps now just in case you’re curious the Ring Stick Up Cam is available for $199 dollars over on Ring.com the solar panel is $49
dollars and of course the original Video Doorbell is $199 and the Chime is $29 just so you’re aware of all the pricing
and everything but let’s take just a minute we’ll go ahead and get everything
installed and setup skipping to a couple of weeks later the installation was as
predicted super simple basically just went into the Ring.com app hit add new
device walked through a quick wizard hit the big orange button on the back of the
camera confirmed all the Wi-Fi details and that was about it as far as the hardware installation I
basically put a couple of screws into the Stick Up Mount popped the camera into
place put a couple of screws into the solar
panel popped it into place hooked the two together with the micro USB cable and
I’ve had no problems I did however take just a couple of days
and use it without any sort of connectivity so it was 100% wireless and
the battery did not go down all that much and when i first received it did
not have this option but Ring has been slowly rolling out the ability to use
Live View to manage the Live View settings of the camera simply click on it
inside of the app click on the cog in the upper right
hand corner and then there’s a section that says Live View from this page
there’s enable Live View where you can turn it on or off keep a note that if you do not have it
plugged into some sort of power source leaving it turned on even if you’re not
using the Live View mode it’s going to drain some of your battery just because
it’s sitting there polling waiting for you to actually connect to it but if you
do choose to leave Live View on here are some of the power options you’ll have
available you can either plug directly into some
sort of a USB power source you can use the solar panel there’s even a little
link here you can click on that will show you how you can buy the device right now then you have the two different battery
options here the one that says battery optimize performance that’s going to get you connected as
quickly as possible battery with conserve power means it may take just a
second to spin up and actually get you connected and you can sort of see from
this side over here just how long the battery life will last how it will be
impacted by these options so obviously USB power is going to be
the one that you’re gonna get the best power performance out of solar power is
still going to get the job done and if you’re on battery just keep in mind
you’re gonna have to charge it somehow some time and again if you choose not to
use this Live View option you can always just toggle it off by clicking up here
in the top corner and hitting done in my case I’m going to be using solar power
so i’m gonna click solar power and hit done and then it says Live View is going
to be enabled for your Stick Up Cam after the next motion event so you have to
actually go out and do some sort of motion in front of it for it to toggle
that i was using the Stick Up Cam in the back using live view on it for
ten-plus minutes at a time and over the course of about a day or
two I noticed a drop down to about 95 and then 90 percent battery left so I was
definitely draining it pretty quickly but then I hooked up the solar panel to
it and I was a little curious about how that was gonna work because that’s on a part
of the house where we don’t get sun all the time we just get it in the afternoon it was at 90% one day solar
panel was hooked up as soon as the Sun got into a place where it could see the panel
battery charged right back up over the next few hours since that time I haven’t
seen it drop below 95% and that was again only when i was using it significantly
for Live View and the Live View service works really well basically tap a button
in the app and a few seconds later you’re connected to your camera which is
really one of the big features that everyone was asking about with the Ring
Video Doorbell review i did a while back so excellent to see that show up in
terms of the video quality it looks almost identical to the Ring Video
Doorbell video which is fine by me it’s clear enough to be able to make
out who a person is be it day or night and the motion detection definitely
works quite well basically as soon as I open my back door and step out onto the
back deck I get a notification on my phone so to
go ahead and wrap things up I’m extremely happy to have the Ring Stick
Up Cam protecting my backyard at this point and as I’ve mentioned in the past i am so
pleased to have the Ring Video Doorbell out front definitely nice to be able to know when
people are coming to the door when packages are delivered I was at lunch with some of my
co-workers yesterday and I got a notification while we were sitting there
eating i was able to quickly and easily pull up that Ring app and see DHL
putting a package inside of my storm door and my coworkers seemed to enjoy that
as well so very nice to know that i’m always connected and technically sort of
always home if I need to be there’s a whole other side to all of
this that I haven’t really had the opportunity to explore yet all the Ring
products do tie into third party partners things like connected door
locks and lights I don’t actually have any of those
things to test out right now but when i do sometime down the road i’ll probably
make another video showing all of that but that’s going to wrap things up for
today definitely make sure to check out the
Ring Stick Up Cam super flexible super easy to install you can put it anywhere
you don’t even have to have a wire for it if you don’t mind taking it down and
recharging it every so often I’ll have links to all that down in the video
description thanks again to Ring for sponsoring this
video and making all of this possible thanks to you guys for watching make
sure to leave a thumbs up down below if you liked the video subscribe to receive
more and i will see you again next time

Ring Stick Up Cam Review!
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