Gabe Turner: Hello, this is Gabe at Security
Baron. Today, we are reviewing the Ring Stick Up
Cam Wired Edition. Let’s get started. [music] Gabe: If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
home security cameras, google “Security Baron Best Home Security Cameras.” If you have a question about today’s review,
leave us a comment and I’ll get back to you. Ring is really boasting a lot with the Ring
Stick Up Cam because it is indoor/outdoor and has tremendous flexibility. So anything between -5 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit
won’t make this thing sweat at all and you can place it on a ceiling, a wall, or even
have it on a table and it will still look fly. Before we jump in to how well it meets these
expectations let’s look at its design. Now we’re looking at the design of the Ring
Stick Up Cam. I want to be just straight up and say I’m
pretty apathetic about the way it looks. I try to be considerate of all the things
that it can do and have it not influence my thoughts about it too much. It doesn’t really spark any necessary interests
in me. I don’t look at it and say, “Oh, that’s gorgeous.” I also don’t think it’s particularly ugly
or anything like that, especially considering all the things that it can do. When looking at it, it’s your typical black
and white aesthetic, something we’ve seen with most of the security cameras here at
Security Baron. What I do think is cool is this grill that
basically houses the speaker. That looks pretty cool. I like the fact that there’s a glossy black
above that, and a lens that is recessed, that’s what’s not protruding. Just above that, you’ll see the Ring logo. The actual design of it is like a demi-Coke
can of sorts. It’s a cylinder. This is basically one serving of coke, for
the record. This is about what they are thinking when
they tell you how much calories are in a Coca-Cola can. Different than what we typically see in terms
of a cylindrical design, but interesting nonetheless. Noting up the design is really a reflection
of its flexibility. Let’s talk about what all it can do. One, you can definitely move it and tilt in
this direction. If I go this way, you note that there’s lots
of options in terms of rotation and that’s pretty interesting. Another element of this flexibility, or rather
what contributes to it, is the way which you can mount it. What’s great is you can actually just take
off this part and note that there are various places to screw it in. You put that on a wall, a ceiling, anywhere
and that gives you a lot of flexibility beyond just what it’s capable with this apparatus. If I take this portion off, you’ll note that
I can actually see where I have set up my Ethernet cable — if you want just to eschew
the WiFi angle altogether — and where I put my power adapter in. This, ultimately, is the wired edition and
this cover serves to help you hide and protect that cable. That’s the design of the Ring Stick Up Cam. Now, let’s put it through the Security Baron
Necessary Features Test. Here at Security Baron, we think that every
home security camera should have stellar video quality, two-way audio, night vision, local
and cloud storage, smart platform integration, artificial intelligence, convenience, and
value. Not to state the obvious, but video quality
is an important element of the home security camera and one of Security Baron’s Necessary
Features. The Ring Stick Up Cam does really well and
has 1080p video and 150-degree field of view. It’s really capturing everything that’s taking
place in a room with tremendous clarity. For that, we give it full marks. Two-way audio is a Security Baron Necessary
Feature, and one where the Ring Stick Up Cam really excels. It does have two-way audio. You can talk to someone in a room if you need
to help guide them for any particular purpose or scare away any potential intruders. Of course, you can hear them running away
and hear their footsteps because you can listen to what’s going on right back. It does have a microphone installed and because
of its two-way audio performance, we give the Ring Stick Up Cam full marks. Night vision is a Security Baron Necessary
Feature. The Ring Stick Up Cam does well here because
it has infrared LED sensors. It’s going to capture and know whatever is
going on in the room, even at night, which is important because you want to be able to
know what’s going on, regardless of what time of day someone enters your home. When it comes to the night vision on the Ring
Stick Up Cam, we give it full marks. Local and cloud storage are an important element
of the Security Baron Necessary Features Test. Unfortunately, the Ring Stick Up Cam does
not have any local storage. Of course, that means it does have to have
cloud storage — and that’s the case — but even that is not free. I do want to make it clear that the cloud
storage for the Ring Stick Up Cam is very affordable. You can get $3 a month or $30 annually for
60 days of cloud storage. When it comes to the local cloud storage with
the Ring Stick Up Cam, we give it a half marks. Smart platform integration is an important
element of the Security Baron Necessary Features Test. The Ring Stick Up Cam integrates with Amazon
Alexa. There’s no Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit,
but you definitely can do everything you’d want with Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo with your
Stick Up Cam. For that, we give it full marks for smart
platform integration. An important necessary feature for Security
Baron is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence generally speaks to
things like pet detection versus human detection, or facial recognition technology. The Ring Stick Up Cam does not have any of
these capabilities. When it comes to artificial intelligence in
the Ring Stick Up Cam, we give it no marks. Convenience is a Security Baron Necessary
Feature. It’s really important, because it basically
determines how much stress you’re going to have while setting up your home security camera. The Ring Stick Up Cam may not have been the
easiest cam that we’ve ever set up, but it was darn close. In terms of setting it up with the mobile
application, all I did was to plug it in, I put it in front of the camera, registered
it, and voila. It was all ready to go. I installed into that mobile application and
I was immediately seeing my room directly on my phone. When it comes to the Security Baron Necessary
Feature of convenience, we got to give the Ring Stick Up Cam full marks. Hold on. We’re going to ask a quick question about
the Ring Stick Up Cam. It is indoor and outdoor, and I was wondering
where you were planning on placing it, and which one you think is more important initially,
an indoor camera or an outdoor camera for your home? Leave us a comment below and I’d like to see
your thoughts. All right, let’s get back to the video. The final Security Baron Necessary Feature
is value. Despite the fact that it’s $179, we actually
think the Ring Stick Up Cam is a pretty good value if you think about the fact that it’s
both an indoor and outdoor camera rated from -5 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and the fact
that its flexibility with mounting allows it to be placed anywhere indoor and outdoor. We think it’s a good deal. If you couple it with the fact that the cloud
storage is only $3 per month or $30 a year for 60 days of cloud storage, it’s a really
good deal. For that, we give the Ring Stick Up Cam full
marks. Now we’ve gone through that extensive Security
Baron Necessary Features Test, there are few other elements of the Ring Stick Up Cam that
I wanted to mention. One is right here beside me. This is the outdoor cable for the Ring Stick
Up Cam. It is pretty interesting in that it can be
used both indoor and outdoor, and two sets of cables come depending on which way you
want to use it. This is the outdoor set, because this is an
indoor/outdoor camera. It can take basically any type of weather
that you throw at it. Another thing is that we mentioned that it
doesn’t have artificial intelligence, but it does have custom motion zones. If you’d like to have smart notifications
on your phone, spend less time going through insignificant messages, you can just put out,
“Oh, OK. Let’s just draw this custom zone on the screen,”
and it’ll pay attention specifically to those places and whether or not motion exists there. Finally, it does have a siren. It can actually make a loud noise, try to
scare someone away, which is not something we see in a ton of cameras. Of course a lot of cameras did the two-way
audio so you can speak to someone, but an alarm can actually be a really effective deterrent. Those are things we wanted to mention that
don’t necessarily fit neatly into our Security Baron Necessary Features Test. Now that we’ve talked about the features and
extras on the Ring Stick Up Cam, let’s talk about how you actually interface with those
features, the Ring Mobile Application. In the Apple Store and the Google Play Store,
honestly, it gets a pretty middle-of-the-road rating, 3.3 in the Apple App Store and 3.4
in the Google Play Store. Most of the complaints about the Ring Mobile
Application are that you get a barrage of notifications which may be a function of the
lack of AI and the fact that there can be a lot of lag time between the actual motion
and when you’re actually notified of that motion. That could be reflective of that particular
consumer’s Internet speed, but it’s definitely something to note. However, now that we’ve seen how people feel
about the mobile application in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, let’s
jump into our perspective. The Ring Stick Up Cam is a device that you
use in conjunction with the entire Ring Mobile Application. We’ve actually taken our Ring Alarm System
offline for the meantime, but you do note that at the top, because it is a part of an
entire ecosystem. When you look at the Ring Stick Up Cam, I’ll
go directly into the video there it goes, “Activating Device,” and here I am right here. If I wanted to make that full screen, I could
do so by tapping on the far-right corner, and I can of course go back and look at the
various videos in the past. Gabe: That’s something I want to do, but I
don’t want to have that type of interference of microphone. If you note right on the bottom, there is
the microphone and the speaker option. I can listen or talk directly to the camera. Below the video itself, it does say, “Share.” If I want to share this video with someone,
I can click there. It says, “Share this event now. Recording is still in process,” because I’m
currently recording this, so I’ll dismiss this now. Below that full screen icon, you get to activate
siren button. This is not something that I want to go off. It can be very loud until I will hit cancel
there. In the upper right-hand corner, you see that
gear signal for settings. I’m going to go and tap on that upper right-hand
corner as we can look at the settings in the Ring Stick Up Cam with the mobile application. Looking at the options in the settings for
the Ring Stick Up Cam, which we’ve named, “Baron Stick Up,” because there’s a Siren
option, this Live View option. If we click on that siren, it says, “Activate
siren?” [laughs] Something I don’t want to activate. I do not want that right now. Live View, and then from top to bottom you’ll
see Event History all the way down to Ring Partners. Event History is pretty straightforward. I can click on that. Just see all the things that have gone down
with my Baron Stick Up Cam today. On the right of that, you see Device Health. In Device Health, you’ve got Network Name,
Security Baron. You can look at the signal strength and just
make sure that your firmware is up to date among other things. The final one on that top level of options
is Link Chimes. Link Chimes lets you set up a chime that alerts
you when you have a visitor, even if your phone is not there, which is not something
you really worry about so much with the Ring Stick Up Cam itself. You’ve got Motion Snooze, and this is important. If you have Motion Alert set up, I snoozed
it already because I don’t want to get any more alerts. I go to Motion Snooze and I can snooze the
Motion Alerts for the next, let’s say, 15 minutes. If I know someone’s going to be in a room
for 15 minutes, I can just say, “Save.” They can go back and forth, and it’s not going
to be an issue for me in terms of getting notifications that they’re moving around in
that space. The next thing right besides Motion Snooze
is Motion Settings which allow you to control the motion sensitivity. Here you can also set up motion zones which
will help you to have fewer concerns about where it’s picking up motion. We see here I’m setting up a motion zone. It’ll only pick up motion if it’s inside of
this zone, and then boom I can save that. I’ve set up a new motion zone. Another important element when it comes to
motion settings is Motion Schedules. If you know you’re going to be home, as I’ve
set up here, on Mondays between 6:00 and midnight and you don’t want it to go off incessantly,
you set that up. You can add a new rule. If I know I’m home, let’s say, from 7:00 AM
to noon on Saturday, I can set that right there. Now I have a couple rules and my phone will
know to not send any Motion Alerts during those periods because I am home in that room. What’s interesting here is you can actually
set your app alert tones. It’s basically a lot of holiday-related songs
Jingle Bells, Silent Night, I Have a Little Dreidel. These are pretty interesting sounds. You can even have dogs for your app alert
tones. The final two options are Shared Users which
allow me to give other people access to the Ring Alarm system in the Baron Stick Up Cam,
and the Ring Partners which allow you to add various partners to your Ring system. As it pertains to the Ring Stick Up cam, I’m
now going back to our initial page of the Live Stream. This is what you have in our perspective and
our impression of the Ring Stick Up Cam on the mobile application. Here we are checking out the video quality
on the Ring Stick Up Cam. It’s got a pretty nice 150-degree field of
view and the 1080p. There’s a weird fish eye angle with this. You get that lens vignette with the Ring Stick
Up Cam. This could be a little bit distracting. It depends on your own preferences, but it’s
something to note and something that you’ll see right now in this video. In terms of seeing things, it’s doing well. I’m going to give it the old globe test to
see how things are going there. What do we got? Africa. I see a little bit of South America. Look, that’s Pangaea. You guys remember Pangaea? These two places were connected together. That’s a perfect shot for you to understand
how that went down because they just fit right into one another like a hand in glove, but
I digress. This is the Ring Stick Up Cam. It’s got a really solid zoom, 150-degree field
of view, and the 1080p clarity. Here we are checking out the night vision
on the Ring Stick Up Cam. It’s got four infrared LEDs. I’m putting up eight fingers, but it’s got
four infrared LEDs to really give you that solid night vision. You can see what’s going on. It got some pretty solid contrast. We can give it the old globe test. Boom, there you are, Africa once again, what
a solid, large continent. Those are our thoughts. On the night vision, it’s got exactly what
we want with infrared LED. There’s a little blue light that is a bit
distracting, but otherwise it’s a solid night vision camera. Those are our thoughts on the Ring Stick Up
Cam. Let’s do a recap of how the Ring Stick Up
Cam fared on the Security Baron’s Necessary Features Test. Video quality full marks. The Ring Stick Up Cam comes with a really
solid 1080p video clarity and 150-degree field of view for its camera to ensure that you
catch everything that’s going on in any particular space. Two-way audio full marks. The Ring Stick Up Cam comes with a really
solid speaker and microphone, so you can have a conversation with whoever is in a particular
room. Night vision full marks. The Ring Stick Up Cam comes with infrared
LED sensors that really allow you to capture what’s happening in the dark. Local and cloud storage half marks. The Ring does not come with any local storage,
but it does come with the cloud storage that is remarkably affordable. Smart platform integration full marks. The Ring Stick Up Cam fully integrates with
Amazon Alexa. Artificial intelligence zero marks. The Ring Stick Up Cam does not come with any
artificial intelligence capabilities. Convenience full marks. The Ring Stick Up Cam is really easy to set
up and I had it going in less than five minutes. Value full marks. The Ring Stick Up Cam is one of the more expensive
cameras out in the market, but it definitely comes with the feature set that makes it worth
it. We’ve gone through a lot with the Ring Stick
Up Cam and I know what you’re thinking. You’re saying, “Gabe I, I just want to know
does this work for me? Is this going to work for my house, my family,
what I need?” Let’s see if we can answer that question. On the good side you’ve got that full Amazon
integration. You’ve got a 150-degree field of view coupled
with 1080p. You’re going to capture everything in the
room indoor or outdoor with just one camera. That’s really impressive. On the other side, what’s going on with the
lack of artificial intelligence? We’re all expecting a camera now that can
distinguish between our pets and ourselves so that we’re not getting this barrage of
notifications. Something we saw in the reviews of its mobile
app. That is a concern that we had about the Ring. In my personal opinion the Ring stick up cam
is something I would get for sure if I’m already integrated into the Ring ecosystem. As a stand-alone camera I probably wouldn’t
go with the Ring but if you have any other Ring item, I would definitely include it. Those are my thoughts on the Ring Stick Up
Cam. That’s our review of the Ring Stick Up Cam. If you appreciated today’s video give us a
like and hit that subscribe button. As always this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

Ring Stick Up Cam Wired Review- Is it Safe?

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