Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Here, here! Hey! There you go baby. Jingle bells, Shorty! Jingle bells! Pause it. Okay, you can see how everything’s congested on this side. We get the center going in this direction here. You’re going to pull this back, and we’re going to come through. Okay, he comes down, so just put it around the wall and away we go. You have to read where they’re going from and adjust accordingly. You’ve got to get back quick, and you’ve got to look to wheel. Okay he’s a right-shot guy, he’ll swing on their right wings side and our left wing side. What we’re doing when he is out there… Bus will leave at 5. Serratore takes it back, throws it out in front, and scores. Right out in front. By the Falcons, who get a stick on it and send it deep. Right out in front and a score, again. As the power-play expires. Now it’s 2-on-1 up ice, 3-on-1 for Air Force into the zone. Here’s a shot and a score. 3-0. Tigers up ice quickly, trying to get around a man will be McMullen. Sends one in one net, opposite side and a score! On the rebound is Todd Skirving. Powell at the point. Across the ice to Brady Norrish. One-timer from Chase and he scores! Tigers cut the lead to 3-2. How many times already this season have we seen Chase Norrish do that on the power-play? He quickly gets it across to Dan Bailey. Bailey has it stripped by Caleb Cameron. Cameron into the zone, he’ll line up a shot. Still lose, score! The Tigers tie it! Sneaking it in on the opposite side is Ryan Kruper, and that’s his first collegiate goal. The Tigers have tied the game up. That doesn’t connect well. Still a battle along the wall. Bodies fall down. On his knee it’s Chase Norrish. Chance out in front, and a score. Shot and a goal. Eats up clock and high up to Mackey. Mackey with a shot, and it’s a goal. And hands them to the bench, there’s a chance right out in front. Score! What a play by the freshman Ryan Kruper! He works his way out of the corner, walks out in front, puts the backhander past Starret, and it’s 2-1. Back to himself off the wall. Now walks down and scores through a screen and it’s 3-1. Gets it back to Brubacher. Brubacher’s got a man near the net. Takes it back to Kerins with a one-timer, and it’s in! It flutters high and goes over. That’s won. Kerins with a shot. Here’s a rebound and a score. Erik Brown on the doorstep slams it home and the Tigers tie the game at 3! 18 seconds left in the period, tied at 3. Bobbled out, up high, here’s a shot and a goal.

RIT Men’s Hockey Behind the Scenes: Air Force
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