Tenecia Hiller: Overall it�s been amazing,
definitely the best four years of my life. Kristina Moss: We�re so close, we�re always
there for each other. Kim Schlattman: Winning that National Championship
is something that will be with us for the rest of our lives.
Scott McDonald: To finally win that last game, as soon as you start talking to the girls
about it, an instant smile comes to their face.
Kristina Moss: I�ll never forget that, it was the best moment of my life.
Announcer: The RIT women�s hockey program reached the pinnacle and the tigers are rising
to a new challenge. In 2012 RIT won the NCAA Division III Championship in their final game
before moving to Division I. The Tigers, who compete in College Hockey America, finished
their first Division One season with a 16-16-5 record, advancing to the CHA semifinals. Scott McDonald: Focus in our league, be competitive
in our league and set our sights on a conference championship, a regular season championship
and build from there. Kristina Moss: I think we�ve done pretty
well, I think we�ve surprised a lot of people with how well we�ve done and how far we�ve
gotten. So I think they�re only going to grow and be more successful.
Tenecia Hiller: We�re very gritty, we�re a very hard working team and I think that�s
what pushes us. Kim Schlattman: You all kind of learn to work
together and use the time you have to help each other with not only on the ice, but through
your education as well. Announcer: With a roster of players from across
North America and beyond, the Tigers have world class facilities; from their locker
and team rooms to the varsity weight room. Tenecia Hiller: We probably have one of the
best facilities that I�ve seen so far. The team room�s amazing. We have the mini-locker-room
so we hang out in there, but we have the bigger locker-room with all our equipment. Announcer: And in 2014 they�ll move into
the brand new Polisseni Center. Scott McDonald: It�s a bigger rink updated,
it�ll be a world-class arena. Announcer: The Tigers will also be part of
special event in 2013, playing outdoors at Rochester�s Frontier Field. The Tigers give back to community, hosting
games for wounded veterans, heart disease and cancer.
Tenecia Hiller: That was really amazing, we had a lot of families come out and it really
touches your heart and it�s really great to play for such a good cause.
Announcer: Located in Greater Rochester, New York, RIT�s excellence begins in the classroom.
The University has world renowned programs with nine leading colleges. The campus and
surrounding area has been energized with new buildings and improvements, providing an enriched
college life experience. Kristina Moss: With my major I had to do three
co-ops, it helps to get your name out there, especially in a specific field that you�re
in and you get the experience. Tenecia Hiller: The classes are amazing and
they�re really small so you get really get a hands-on feel, all the teachers. All the
teachers I�ve had have been really nice and they�re really helping. Kim Schlattman: I definitely think I�ll
leave here with a good degree. I�ve had a lot of different professors and many of
them have helped me and allowed me to grow as an individual and also have provided me
with a lot of different advice that�s going to help me move forward. Announcer: With 151 NCAA wins Scott McDonald
is RIT�s all-time leader in coaching victories. His career winning percentage is among the
best in NCAA history. The former Division One defenseman is a native of Oakville, Ontario.
Scott McDonald: We�re typically an aggressive team, an up-tempo team. I enjoy that type
of player, gritty and tough, not always the biggest kid, but they�ll play with a big
heart. Off the ice, kind of guide them through life and help them with different things from
class to socially, be there for them when they need you.
A memorable hockey experience, a distinguished degree and a commitment to community; the
women�s hockey program at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

RIT Women’s Hockey 2012-2013
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