[Music]>>The RIT women’s hockey team began its season
last weekend with a 2-0 victory and a 1-1 tie against Holy Cross. The win was significant not only because it
was head coach Chad Davis’s first here at RIT, but it also snapped a 25-game winless
streak for the program dating back to last November.>>I was as excited as the players. It was the first for a lot of us. We had a couple freshmen score. I know it had been a while since they’ve had
that feeling of the reward of the hard work and the dedication and it’s something I won’t
forget, standing in the hallway with Mr. Spiotti, and they were excited they were ecstatic about
it. We want to carry that energy, we want to put
it in a bottle and move forward. But we’re day to day. We gotta live in the moment and we know we
have a next opponent. And as great as that was we gotta work hard
so we can get that feeling again.>>It was definitely great to break that losing
streak, but at the same time that’s always hanging over our shoulders. If we let up at this point it could really
easily start back up again. So it’s just as important now as ever to keep
pushing it and make sure that we don’t slip back into that this year.>>What’s been the most challenging thing?>>The most challenging thing is – you know
there’s a lot of challenges when you start. It’s trying to learn the personalities, what
motivates each player. And for the player getting to know their coach. How do they work with their coach? How do they communicate with their coach? And just work together as a team. That’s the biggest challenge is just getting
them to believe in themselves.>>It is a transition. Everyone starts out at the same level now,
so it’s a good refresher. So everyone’s pretty much a freshman right
now. We’re all earning minutes, so everyone has
to work that much harder. And then for coach, he brings a whole new
set of plans for us. We do more power play now, we do more line
stuff. And it just really makes a difference having
a new set of rules for everybody to follow.>>They Tigers head to St. Cloud State this
weekend before returning home to the Polisseni Center for Brick City Homecoming Weekend where
they will play Union in a pair of games on October 19 and 20. For RIT SportsZone I’m Kevin Roche.

RIT Women’s Hockey Media Day 2018

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