Alright, a couple keys. Obviously it’s a big
night, home opener, we are ready to go, an exciting time in the locker room no doubt
about it. A couple things just to keep in mind. Lets start, first shift not just the
first shift of the game but the first shift for everyone. Set your personal tone, what
you want. Get the nerves out, the excitement flushed away and settle into the game as quick
as possible. Okay? A lot of hype and a lot of lead up to this moment, don’t let your
first thirty seconds kind of cement up your legs. Okay? So get out there, get loose, get
right off the ice settle down. Alright? Talking, when in doubt just talk to each other. Okay?
and again that will help settle you down and relax you out there. This will be won and lost
right here. This area right here doesn’t matter. Our net, their net, loose pucks in this area.
Okay? and I mean within a stick length. We saw the clips on them. All their stuff, all
their goals were coming from within here. People kind of puck watching, losing checks.
Know who you have, talk to each other, find your girl. Okay? Get her stick up off the
ice. Offensively keep moving around. Lose someone, be fricken slippery out there. Keep
your stick down and be ready. We control this. We out work them, especially in our own rink,
especially tonight with our home opener. This is our thing. This is our atmosphere. This
is our culture. This is what we do; we out work teams, tonight is no different. Here,
first time in home whites for a bunch of you. First time in whites together as a team. Alright?
These whites have a ton of tradition and a ton of success in them. Alright? So build
off of it, build off each other and help each other out. Be totally fricken excited out
here, be rearing to go and when your number is called, you be ready. Alright? You are
on the bench you be the best team you can be. When you’re on the ice you be a fierce
competitor. We just kind of roll, we’re rolling white tonight, everyones going. Alright? So
have some fun, but be ready to go, doesn’t matter what your piece is to the puzzle tonight
but be ready to go when you’re called upon. Alright? Don’t be afraid to ask questions
on the bench. You got three of us on the bench, ready to help, anytime, anything you want.
Alright? Blue line starting Bren and Taylor leading the way, Brooks in net. Okay? Make
sure she sees the puck, you clear out the second puck. Okay? Alright, fire it up ladies.
Lets go, come on. [Clapping]

RIT Women’s Hockey Pregame Speech

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