Music Hi. I’m Danielle My names Abby….but they call me Squeeky. Hi, My name is Greta. Amanda Carly Julie Marisa Hey I’m Son Hi. My name is Nora. Hi. My name is Mahreana. …and yeah I play Rugby. I play Rugby. I play rugby because I have always enjoyed team sports but at the same time it is hard to always find one that allows people of different sizes to play and different speeds So me being a short and only semi-fast person it really… It feels nice to just play on level ground with everyone. I decided I wanted to do something with a team that had that kind of group aspect to it So I had a friend that was playing in rugby and she told me she thought I would be a great scrumhalf So I decided to join the team and instantly found that it was this great family dynamic and I got a whole bunch of sisters. I play rugby because I like to hit people. But now I play for my team and my coach Clare. Well I played rugby in highschool and when I cam to college one of the first things I looked for was a rugby team. and there wasn’t one here. So I can’t live without rugby. So I took the steps to create the team here that we have today I play rugby because it is a sport that kind of challenges me both physically and mentally and its a place where I can kind of develop friendships and a support system A support system that I hadn’t found anywhere else. So at the club fair I didn’t even know what rugby was. These two really tall guys were like “Hey. Do you want to play rugby?” and I was like “Maybe” So I came to practice because I just wanted to see what it was and the team was really welcoming and supporting and I wasn’t sure I would find a place on the team because I never played a sport before but I found that there is a place for everybody on the team As long as you give your best then everyone is awesome and cool I really love rugby because of the social aspect of it. There is really a whole culture behind rugby. Everyone is there for each other in and off the field. It takes you everywhere and no matter where you go, you will have a friend. Whether or not you even know the person. You know if you play rugby and they play rugby or they have a connection to rugby then you have a friend and that is amazing to me. I think rugby has given me a new sense of pride. I think before when people asked me “Do you play a sport?” I’m like “No, do I look like I play a sport?” and now when people are like “Do you play a sport?” I’m like “Yeah! I play rugby!” “I got this from rugby, I got this from rugby.” and I just have a new sense of pride that I didn’t have before I came to RIT. Especially in taking opportunities especially so many arising. because it is college. Just plow right into them instead of shying away to make sure your ready. It just seems more logical I think just learning that I could do something that I thought was so far beyond my skill set or comfort level and the fact that I have gotten so comfortable with it it has changed my outlook on trying new things forever. It isn’t about, you know, you have to be fit. to be playing rugby with us. It’s about we’re a team, and we will do it together. Rugby is definity a team sport You can’t get very far without your teammates. It is just the way the game is set up You are very dependent on everyone and it creates a great atmosphere. This team itself is very encouraging and they want you to do well and they want you to succeed with them. I just wanted to know everything there was to know and it hasn’t stopped since then. I love rugby! I can’t live without it. and I am glad that we have the girls we do here today I hope that as RIT accepts the team and kind of grow and expand and become a bigger presence on campus. WE PLAY RUGBY! Rugby was perfect. Cause you get to hit people and tackle people and nobody bitches at you for it.

RIT Womens Rugby Pro-Mo 2014

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