Now we’re going to work on some single leg RDL (Romanian Deadlift), following up from “hammy time” activation So Neil’s going to start with again two sticks, so he’s gonna turn to get a little side profile Kind of goes right back off of what we did at the hamstring activation and stretch (video #11) So we’re going to continue with the rail slides down there He’s got the two hands out in front palms facing down on the sticks. He’s in a narrow stance. So basically both feet together Making sure they’re nice and straight. So we’re going to Now take that Right foot off the ground He’s gonna go back into a single leg RDL as he slides his hand down the rails So this is our first progression it’s going to be the safest the most stability for everybody Because you’ve got these rails against your body against the shoulders you’re able to slide down in there I’m gonna have him hold for about ten seconds down here So for you guys out there? Trying it probably going to work from five second hold build up to ten and it may be up to twenty second holds so in about five four three Two one he’s gonna slide back up So we’re going to look at three different versions here so three progressions that is our first one where we’re using the rails for the most stability pushing in to activate the line now he is going to Do the same thing so we’ll get one more so we’ll do two at each variation Just so you saw it again, but I’m not gonna have him hold as long so he’s going to go down We’ll just hold this one for five seconds Have him use this sticks a little bit harder, so he’ll push into them a little bit more So he’s pushing down into the ground at the same time into the sticks and then you’ll come back out of it every time we come out of it you want to make sure that down leg that that Glute is really firing and pulling you up. So it goes glute to hamstring so next progression is we’re gonna take the sticks out in front now, so he’s going to grab at about You know anywhere from the trunk to chest line So where you feel the most comfortable? Now what we want to make sure here with the sticks is we always angle them in just slightly We don’t want to make sure they’re not angled out so they don’t slide on you. So now he’s in position He’s going to do the same move. It’s just a little bit tougher be Lack of stability. So now he’s got to initiate by driving those hands down through the sticks into the ground He fires up his trunk in his core now He’s gonna take that right leg and he’s going to move it back into that RDL again So you’ve got to go slower but also makes it tougher is we’ve got longer lines All right So he created leverage here more leverage of the weight of of his arms out making it harder on the trunk in the hip We’re always looking for a nice seamless straight line kind of trying to make a tabletop so he’s holding this one again for about 10 seconds and He’s gonna fire through that group that glute glued to hammy Drive back up when you’re driving out of it push down through the sticks a little harder if you feel like you’re losing stability So we’re gonna go look at one more of those one more rep Again if you’re learning this position and you’re a little bit off you’re kind of wavering around You know and move in push through the sticks more So the sticks are gonna provide that stability they’re gonna give you that neural Drive and help you lock everything in so again now he’s gonna fire through this left posterior chain and He’s going to try the sticks down to the ground and come up. So there he came with a little bit more power So here’s the third progression same Position but now we’re gonna add in a knee drive So he’s gonna now bring the right knee up as high as you can again. We are looking to stay seamless here. Nice tall Stature we do not want to bend through the spine So we don’t want to see that that would be a bad position never sacrifice the spine To drive the knee up so he’s gonna look at where he can drive the knee Which creates more force down in this left leg more ground force? More stability and strength at that hip and now he’ll go through his RDL again So each one is just progressing off the the first scenario there He’s holding again. Nice long lines tabletop He’s using the sticks from what he needs so we don’t necessarily Need to drive them down If we need to activate the core more and the trunk then you’d push harder through the sticks as You get better and better you use the sticks really light so that the body is doing all of the work Now he’s going to try up And then we’ll show you one more just a Five-second pause down at the bottom and then he’ll come up with some nice power because we’ve already activated it We’ve got it nice and loosened up so you can get into position So he’s gonna fire through that glute ground force and learn to drive up So there’s our single leg our Romanian Deadlift version. We gave you three progressions to start with Go give it a shot. Work on stabilizing on one leg and learning how to hinge

Romanian Deadlift Stick Mobility Exercise – #12 Fundamentals

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