All right so we’re gonna go through a spiral line
stretch for the low back, mid-back, rib cage, and then we’ll take it up into
the chest and shoulder as well. So with the short stick, got a four-footer,
staggered stance up on the bench. Contralateral movement, I’m gonna slide this
guy over, one hand on each side, on each end, getting my elbow across so I get a nice deep stretch. I’m gonna hang out there for a little bit,
let it stretch, see how it feels. This might be enough for most of you, some might not
be able to get there so we might just even be here. and you kind of push the arm and the leg into each other. So we’re open and get down there a little bit deeper. And then when that feels good,
you can start pushing with the bottom hand, bending the elbow and driving the scaps.
So now the elbows pushing against the knee, to create more force more tension in there.
Keep driving. Now it’s opening up my chest line, that oblique sling, getting into the chest and the shoulder up top. To strengthen that I’m gonna push my top hand down a little bit to provide some strength up into that upper line. So I’m getting a stretch from my right hip and glute, all the way around spiral line through the backside to the rib cage in front on the left, and then up to that right shoulder
in front, chest and shoulder. To ease out, just come back down.
Slide back out of it. Step down.

Rotational Stretching with a Short Stick – Stick Mobility Exercise

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