Rugby 101, the playing field. This is a rugby field. It’s 100 x 70 meters or 109 by 76 yards and if the ball travels out of bounds, then the game is restarted. There are a number of lines on the field but most of these are used to restart the match after the ball travels out of bounds. In each end of the field, other goal posts and points are scored by kicking the ball over the bar and between the posts. Players can score try in any part of the end goal area, but if the ball travels past the dead ball line then the game is restarted. Other important lines on the field, include the halfway mark, a desk line in the side of halfway, which is used to judge kickoffs and a solid line 24 yards from each goal line. The goal post on the triline are 18 feet apart and the crossbar is set at 9.8 feet.

RUGBY 101 The Playing Field
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