1 defender between the two red pads,
defense between the two yellow pads Two defenders in the middle area the
two defenders are facing over there Attackers in the corridor 5 meters
The defenders do not have the right to advance or retreat. They defend lateral
They will play three against three and a on a back three against two. It’s hit
Let’s go. Mets speed, put the speed
Here we replace, we reoccupy the space OK fine
You get the idea guys? Come on fire! More speed
From now on, I’ll ask it will be to change zone
every time. The ball carrier he will have to be
caught in the middle, as this will allow him having a solution on one side and the other. From the time the ball is in the middle
I can make a pass but my partner will have to change area to meet
between. Same thing here, the first striker begins
for me with the ball, right hand and it will change zone. This will allow him to have solutions
on both sides. It’s good for everyone guys? Go Fire!
Mets speed

Rugby 3vs1+1+1+2 – Exercice surnombre
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