Hello, my name is Sean Fitzpatrick,
I’m here at Brackley at the Mercedes F1 factory.
I am the chairman of Laureus and we have an association obviously with Mercedes.
We are here to have a look around the factory, hopefully meet Lewis Hamilton at some stage.
We also have one of our charities here, The Running Charity, and they are going to
have a fantastic day. So, thank you for having us Hey Lewis, nice to meet you. This in itself is 150 options For the driver to deal with That works obviously Yeah So, yeah, this is it, this is the… Wow So phenomenal seeing how all that sort of transferred over to the actual car,
I suppose, the simulator, seeing the driver there. Quite cool! If you go that way it extends quite far that
way as well More trophies This is old technology Old technology? Oh my god. Is it lighter than
that now? Yep I’ll be running the other way What an amazing day.
To think four hours ago I arrived here not knowing too much about F1.
I know everything about F1 now. We’ve had a great, the team at
Mercedes F1 are phenomenal, very much like the All Blacks. We’ve had a great day and
to cap it off, we met Lewis Hamilton! Fantastic.
The guys from The Running Charity have just loved it. A special experience. Look forward to going to Mexico,
I’m going to the F1 in Mexico in a few weeks’ time and I look forward to seeing the other side, when we deliver the success. Thank you.

Rugby Legend Sean Fitzpatrick Takes Mercedes F1 Tour!
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