So we are here today to have a look at Grasshoppers
Rugby Club. Grasshoppers is a London West 2 Rugby Club,
who have recently had a brand new clubhouse and pitch developed. We were the contractors
who ended up building all the fencing around the whole pitch. Its a multiuse rugby club so it is not just
rugby, there’s netball here as well and a few other sports. So to start off with to keep the balls in
the grounds we have installed some 6m high sports netting. For the netball pitches we
have installed Dulok 868 Rebound Panel Systems, that is 3m high. We have also installed Eclipse-60
around the perimeter to keep people out who shouldn’t be in here. As well as various gates,
the main entrance gate is 10m wide, it’s a pretty hefty gate that has gone in. As well as that we have also installed some
of the plastic Duralock fencing around the pitch edge, and some close board and various
other sort of bits of timber hit and miss fencing just to sort of complete the plant areas
as well. We were approached by a member of staff at
Dawnus Construction, they were asking for prices for fencing at the same time we also
had a call from CLD who I believe had been specified on this project and had been actively
trying to hunt this one down. So we were actually approached by both the client who was building
it and also CLD as one of their approved contractors to price these works and to actively bid for

Rugby Pitch Fencing Grasshoppers Rugby
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