When people look at me, they see pretty face
and criminal body. I know that they’re judging
me and they’re, they’re making their own
opinions about me, and it’s not too often
that you see, you know, a girl walking around
with full sleeves and a chest tattoo,
and even on their neck, so I guess I could look like
a criminal, in one sense. Um… in another sense,
I could look like a girl that just loves art. Life’s a gamble: there’s two
dice that equal 7 on it which symbolizes
my birthday. That piece just relates
to taking risks in life. You have to take risks
to go anywhere. I ended up getting
a compass on my hand because sometimes
you lose your way in life. The arrow points north,
which is to my heart. So as long as
I follow my heart, I’m going in
the right direction. ♪ ♪

Rugby player Jen Kish – Beautiful Bodies | CBC Sports

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