When I first entered
the national team program, I… I was very self-conscious
with my body. I felt self-conscious
because I have a chest, [laughs] while
most athletes don’t, and so for the longest
time I thought that there was
something off with me. And I used to think that
I had to lose weight. Turns out even if I do,
they’re not going anywhere. I used to be so envious
of my teammates’ butts. I don’t really have a butt
and so…[chuckles] well, I’m still
a bit envious, and I’ve been working so hard
at doing squats and whatnot, but I… it’s not happening,
I will not get a butt and I’m okay
with it now, but I used to be
bothered by it. Not by the fact of having
a butt necessarily, but I used to think,
or I still think, kind of, that I’d run faster
if I had a bigger butt. Just a thought.

Rugby player Magali Harvey – Beautiful Bodies | CBC Sports

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