My name is Kieran Spencer, I am a Rugby Development Officer for Hampshire. I work with 20 clubs across the county, and that could be anything from coaching to refereeing to funding and finance, to facilities. So
friendly face of the RFU first line. Rugby Ready is a three hours course, around an hour of indoor content and then roughly 2 hours outdoor. It is our foundation course for anyone who wants to get involved with rugby. So you may have retiring players, you may have Sunday morning parents, you may have teachers from schools so anybody that wants to take their first step on the coaching ladder. Rugby Ready is predominantly a safety course so you are going to learn the very basics
of rugby, how to coach a tackle, how to build a three-person scrum, you also going to learn about risk management and injury prevention so we will do a lot of contact warm up and how to manage your group. Two main reasons why Rugby Ready is so important. Because we want our coaches going away coaching the current coaching technique but also we want them to go away inspired and confident, really able to go away and inspire another
generation of players. I would definitely recommend Rugby Ready for anybody looking to take their first step on the coaching journey. You will meet a lot
of new friends, you will get a lot of information and hopefully it will inspire you to take
the message to the new generation.

Rugby Ready – an introduction from Kieran Spencer
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