Who are we!? UIC! What do we play!? RUGBY! We are unique because we are a bunch of girls,
who are in different grades, we’re all diverse, we’re all different kinds of people, different
majors different ages. And we have this one thing in common which is rugby. I saw the flyer in the gym one day when I
was working out, I emailed a few people, they were extremely welcoming to me, and I just
kept coming back. You’re going to get a great group of friends
that have a shared interest, you’re going to be able to travel around and see all these
different universities, all these different places, while going and playing a sport you
absolutely love. I just liked rugby. The idea of tackling,
being aggressive, it’s not something you usually see in a female sport. Rugby is a contact sport. We get tackled a
lot. You get to show off your aggression! I think it’s important for college women to
have an outlet for power. And unlike other sports like baseball compared
to softball, men’s rugby and women’s rugby are identical. The rules are the same, the
team playing is the same, everything is the same. When I started to play, I didn’t have like
the strength. But when they told me how to ruck or tackle I feel like I got the strength
inside myself that I never knew. I think it’s really cool that you can have
a team full of girls that all are so different and have such body diversity, and you can
all play together and feel really confident about the way that your body looks no matter what. It’s all inclusive, you know. You have a lot
of LGBTQ members who come and play and we have a lot of trans members who come and play
rugby, and it’s really open to anyone. It’s not something that you have to try out
for. It’s the kind of sport where anyone is welcome to play, anyone can come out, and
whether you’ve played forever or you’ve never played before, we can teach you everything
you need to know. We become kind of a family when we start playing together. The ladies on your team are going to be with
you even after you’ve stopped playing rugby. We have a lot of alumni to the UIC Rugby team
that still come support us at our games, they’re still here to help us, you know they give
us pointers and coach us. So I really do think it’s like a lifelong sport. This is one of the most passionate bunch I’ve
been able to work with. They’re always doing something to make sure that their sport survives
and that they’re getting better with each and every practice. What do we play!? RUGBY! We have got to get louder, I didn’t know that
was happening. That was too loud! That was NOT too loud!

Rugby ready to rumble
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