Rugby School was established
in 1567 and we’re a thriving independent boarding school with 813 kids. The kids come in here every day
excited to make something and that’s kind of what I think my role is. I help kids create beautiful art,
and with the Surface Studio I think using every function that you
have for an artist, is just incredible. Well, the resolution of this screen is really useful. If you look at some of my previous work
I’ve done I’ve built some compositions. For example with these I took
a photo of each object and then incorporated it into one piece. The benefit of the resolution is I can
get into the nitty-gritty detail and therefore it just makes the
piece look a bit more realistic. We’re a lot more involved in getting
our images to get the perfect quality with these because they’re so big
and you can rotate them. So you can really make sure
that everything is perfect. It’s quite useful with the dial you get,
it’s quite easy to zoom in, it’s quite practical and the pen, a lot more detail. You can use your pen to cut around, it is quite
useful and you can get really precise, and then you can kind of look and see
if the layer blends in with the others. It just also means you can
have so many more ideas because you know that’s so
much more open to you. Your ideas aren’t blocked by
‘Oh! I’d love to do this but I can’t’. Because you can. They’re meeting deadlines faster, they’re
able to create content at a faster rate, their level of work has improved.
It’s up here. I was a Mac user for 20 years and
I have to say I am actually converted. This is something I never thought I would say, but the level of intense colours,
the availability to work, zooming in and close up and to airbrush and to get
something absolutely spot-on correct is phenomenal. Before we were limited and what we could
produce and now we just create. If I could buy another thirty now I would buy another thirty, and it’s made that much difference
within the design department, and it’s made that much difference
from an IT technical point of view, that the fact that we’ve got
one single operating system that we don’t have to then divert
resources to just deal with Apple Macs. Look at that! I mean that is absolutely
stunning and that is an A-Level piece. That’s not something in a magazine right now
and that’s not something at University. My kids are able to produce sleek, you know,
completely fantastic prints and works of art. We could not do this a year ago.
We could not do that.

Rugby School empowers its students’ creativity with the Surface Studio
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