hey guys Jamie Bain here from rugby renegade
.com where we help rugby players get stringer fitter faster and stay injury free so they
can dominate their opposition on the rugby field. And today we’re talking about progression
methods. ok so you might see this in the gym a guy
coming in doing the same exercises the same weights same reps same sets and over time
he’s not getting better he’s not pushing to progress and this is what we’re talking about
today, different methods to progress your training so you’re getting better and improving
your performance. so, lets go through the different progression
methods. Probably the most common one is to increase
load you know we’re always trying to increase our one rep max, increase the load on the
bar that we’re lifting. so commonly do 75%, 80% 85% of on RM and increase
like that for a couple of weeks. The next way to progress increase the number
of reps so you might go 3 sets of 6 to 3 sets of 8 to 3 sets of 10 you might just stick
with the same weight over a period of 5 to 6 weeks and just try to increase your reps
per set for that with chins is a classic one easy one bodyweight chins just increase how
many reps your perform set. Next one increase sets so you might go from
3 sets of 5 to 4 sets of 5 to 5 sets of 5 just increasing that overall volume ok, and
the next one is not used that often it is increasing the difficulty so you might go
from a bodyweight box squat just learning the technique then to air squats a bit deeper
range and then to a barbell squat and even overhead squat from there probably not used
as often but a good way to vary your training and still progress. Next one is not increasing we’re decreasing
but rest ok. so you go from 60 seconds to 45 to 30 seconds again its just an example
you can do any version so long as you’re increasing your progressing your workload it will have
an effect. ok. so lastly increase density similar to
the rest so here you’re decreasing your rest so more work per unit of time which is similar
to density but this is more control of reps if you want to check out density training
we’ve got a good video we’ll leave a link in the comments below. Use any of these they
are all good for different things which we might do a video about if theres more questions
on which progression methods are better for which goals but just make sure your training
has some sort of progression so you’re improving performance. Hopefully this helped you if it did please
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Rugby Strength and Conditioning: Progression Methods

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