Rugby Strength Training shouldn’t be complicated. So we’ve put together a simple formula to
help you write your own training programs and get stronger for rugby. Hey Renegades! Jamie Bain from here were
we help rugby players get stronger, fitter, faster and stay injury free, so they can dominate
their opposition on the rugby field. Today we’re talking rugby strength training
and we’ve put together a formula to help you write your own training programs and simplify
getting stronger. Ok so let’s get to the formula. Where do you start you training program with? Exercises! And all good strength programs are all focused
on big compound exercises. Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Pulls, Olympic
Lifts, Chins and Dips. Things like that were you can progressively
and incrementally increase the load on the bar. Next you need to know what intensity to work
at and for best results 80% is ideal for strength gains but we’re giving you a bit of variation
75-90% so you can mix things up. Then we want to know how many sets and reps
and a good rule of thumb is 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps. That gives you loads of options 3×5, 3×3,
5×3, 5×5, 5/4/3 step load. Things like that, loads of variation but if
you progressively over time increase the load you’ll get stronger. And that’s your session in a nutshell. So what do you need to know now? You need to know the frequency, so how many
training sessions per week. Now this will depend on a lot of different
factors, time of year so whether you’re in season but a good rule of thumb is inseason
probably only get two lifting sessions tuesday and a thursday, and then obviously play on
a Saturday. Out of season you might 3 sessions so Monday
Wednesday Friday split, total body sessions or you might go 4 sessions a week upper, lower,
upper, lower. So times 2-4. And then finally and this is pretty much the
key. The most important thing you need. Its all of that times consistency. Consistent progression over time will get
you stronger if you get all that right it’s pretty basic all you need to do is turn up
week in week out and day in day out and try and slowly incrementally increase the load
on the bar. Getting stronger ins’t complicated it’s when
you move to into the more important things that help transfer to sport so your explosive
strength, dynamic strength, you stretch shortening cycle, those sort of things. Strength is easy but it’s a prerequisite for
everything else. So if you get your strength right you’ve got
a really good foundation to improve all your other physical qualities. So what does that give you? You’ve got Compound Exercises, at 75-90% 1RM,
for 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps, 2-4 times per week with consistent progression and that equals… A STRONGER rugby player. If you liked that please like it and share
it, subscribe to us down here and any questions just chuck them in the comments below.

Rugby Strength Training: A Formula For Getting STRONGER!

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    If you're looking for a 12 week rugby strength program check this out:

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    Good video maybe cut out that back ground noise.


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