it will sting It will hurt
you will suffer you will be solidary
you will be brave that’s a minimum fiction
bush and that is where low wages we are killers but cold killer here
is an incubator it really is a place you go you
tomorrow you can boost between the with close you can get to more
high level this is the front line of the pulp or
Celtic with 15 seconds you are there that will fight by your side
to win to mark what is most good would 70% of people who came out here
signs a professional contract in many learned that apple can
develop positively a patient are much more
physical cause we filled 15 than going to school for us it
what is the goal of every player returns and if tomorrow wear
jersey of the France team what touch all if you marcoussis since 2002
National rugby center is the stronghold of the French Rugby Federation and
the legendary fifteen of France but behind this prestigious showcase
France is the pole structure of unknown formation of the general public
and is the last step Training high youth we 16 August 2010 first
day of prérentrée for trainees selected by the
Performance Officer for fifteen days they will learn to
know and discover members of the framework
fifteen days decisive for eight months their objective is clear during the eight
months that will last training they will have to prove to be
selected France team U19 and why not
upgraded in less than 20 years with a Six Nations tournament and cup
world at the end of the year following their history Hello and welcome therefore presents
Gerard Bastide I coach pole for the third year here
So how do I not know you too and especially I like it
have no opinion so I have no I say leave him t he sounds
done this I like it discover as and therefore
already I will discover apart from the whether I had mild vincent
had last year I discover you Parent here So here it starts
to show the tic moments like this alexander has nothing flanker
right but do require this component worst Oh the fact because castle three Emmy and I must
east fun frontline yesterday it was something aside thighs each of pictures of their friends 2 it is also the intense heat
first crosshairs I
2 who would they be firm and
Zentena 4 that’s good here had perhaps not as much
then I have played a little there down long ago I still
my roots down here so I happy because an airline had not
This year I did the forcing to who loves and 4 then you have you
a mission still is to me supply water which is not all
and week he backs it what it is yes
agree So here we will arrange put a little something in place that is
no junkie worry is just a little thing between us is a
track drug for Catalan small biscuit topped with icing sugar
the red that is a specialty Catalan the tone
Rugby is a sport area but if it is the south that produces rugby
the predominant part of the elite French
these young rugby players were trainees detected in whole France in a
only age category in fact we we take a slice
the age of under 19 and this age of under 19
there are almost I mean 5000-10000 players in France we take
26 tanks are prohibited restaurant or nike shorts
tracksuit for players to really all our clubs
interest to us is that of enhance individual performance and
detecting the individual potential every player for teams
France and the great team la France you come here you tell yourself it’s good I
already managed to achieve first objective this goal is a
goal it will allow me to be So to explode here if you want to say
almost a dream because the dream rose to reach as
high but so it is, it was the beginning of a dream is the
thus beginning a huge dream Here you to hug plastics
put the plastics in the cartons orange and cartons
promised us and angers France the pole is a formula
sport school that is part of a logic value of the
individual performance each student will have his own room
for all year except when retrieves business not do that
done something tells me that it is we and not someone else who agreed
full of people that is there and admits never thought I would have never thought a
day presented the country is a fantastic thing
Here each member of France’s pole now equipped with head to
feet to start things serious but away land
the tom medical center will know his first disappointment was injured
slightly thigh during a game in his club two days before
integrate national rugby center Nicolas BARISIEN the pole of doctor
can not let him follow the first Training is already injured and
to thwart a major reform test results it also says that
did you have the two right and left hamstring
that are a little bit when we did the pool we put the machine 500 are therefore
we wanted they are a bit feeble of both sides on the back of the
thigh and allowing knee flexion the hamstrings hamstrings are the muscles that
are subject to more injury frequent in the high-level rugby
tom on the field playing with numbers 9
one of melee half this position him requires a lot of agility and
vivacity with changes direction esso receptions or
zigzag races like is that during This year rugby intensive such
risk of injury to return frequently continues precaution
heated the upcoming edition agree and possibly muscu
sale in rugby for again a good week anyway
you’ll be part of that small will include strengthening
specific hamstrings during early season
ok thank you agree very well go course Thursday goes right left right and
the left arm ok left side agree very well
now my goal to me is try a guess your goal column
to you is that the colonels saw 2 doors
we go to test parts are facing I quote two n the same idea in the first
drive this is both to Fears of a finally coaches
impression is always important boot from the eyes of others
metropolis and 40 but good frustrations it lasted that one works for Migros
two workouts a day a little I took the news yet and now there are control and
left right is much lucidity better much better hop it here
much better we saw young vigils when he ends c1 on there
look left right there were guys who had 1 February
3 in the zapped waters colony then quemener the hand and then we could
organize and that’s very good that this is very good and my daughter sleight
role here is to develop pass WAC and strengthening the potential of
Arriving players was between quotes to improve it in
up since going to be almost boarding or two as in a
professional and beautiful structure is almost train twice
day two lives twice daily in strength so the goal here
develop the physical potential rugby potential
still maintain time anyway human values ​​if this internship
prérentrée the opportunity to train group
most players know together they already knew the
selections France team under 16 with 17 and 18 before
each competition preparation specific marcoussis
and four months before joining the pole
they won the championship europe the age of 18 by beating
italy 27-3 their adventures intense rugby with results
the key is created close ties with judoka but you too young
I saw a friend go back or not cute but schools and how
the agropole slightly better 2 6 remain low we have a promo and interesting effect
I think we feel that all is well is all the friends we have made
some results I think we will see this year
Next matches can we do this be interesting you today as tool
and work like any tool the best training center
I was going to drive the world it is quite pretentious but
when I see that South African come to me that New Zealand
See you to see that Australian the English still blindfold and
the johnson coach come to us come to us to have the same
you see how to organize for the same structures I thought
really valuable place you come here already that’s not good
not the first time saw that before each party in each tour
each tournament we’re here so we knows a little but it’s really
huge it was supported or not and will be expensive
it makes no bamboo bombs have no no sale review of all these structures
all these people who are there for us are good people so the
point of success the trade winds it is difficult to achieve this is said not this is a
tour a bit like tomorrow and above all and then day
spend the days pass and summary that governed it in for good I
quite successful in a train g marcoussis achieve the highest
level by the end of June tokyo I may and features games and dates
Anouk lognos and so that’s what we motivates each day I push a
little frozen ground and I do that all right my boyfriend he takes the flask and
chains it rolls will get started on June 27 each
I want the explosion to the ground one thing that has to do his explosives
the only ground his explosive explosives but this amount after and
hospital so quickly quite enough emphasis is placed on the concept
dual project you project sport which is very important and
Vocational school project or training is also very
significant 70% of people who left here here have signed a contract
professional agreement within two years The following is the professionalization
the rugby occurred in 1995 attracts year a significant number of young people
raises yet more vocations to Jean-Claude Skrela director
National Technical hazards are well real christophe says Viale to
60 or 70% guillaume sign contracts
Professionals there are 30% that we resign there is one unemployed there
are there not working today because they have staked everything on rugby all game while stalling on the regime thought that
came here they would be goldorak a nabob
except that I love crosses today each crosses today and it is not
if you are there the cluster France and it is not played rugby
that thought that tomorrow you will be professional and 30 years you
not know is that going to make your hands or your head
not all that will do the pace is fine
it’s a sign I’m here to now you are you are the elite
Your generation must not only you and you had to speak was
cut to you is yes it is hard Hard except that it gives you maximum
chance of success but I would not that you will succeed in their
Damien mandate rugby if you succeed in the reduced field but to all
those who had the rugby field that is important and that you will be
Best I promise you that will be best contact you
you have won abdou most jaw will you go I have not yet finished late and yes to
every time a date often a fair just one time what you say how you
say and contraction of the body c’mon Here I have found is that you
feel the ring in the center of the see single inside it
becomes concrete here and every time we will be a match every time
we will play duels Township Warocqué when plate and tell me
impacted if the guys is as hard as this letter as you go as and
measurement we will shatter and as combat sport complexion who is the
best armor shatters another and the goal is as it shatters
in other rules you can train on the field
physically but also can train and it is just as
important mentally can be driven in
related imagery one is able in relation
videos and combining imaging mental
Video longer felt they that they have on the ground there is
able to continue to practice out in yet its head
but train in his head is is able to continue training
And for that christian ramos is involved with
us and is our trainer mind the following players
operates throughout the year still gives them a capacity of
train better even when one is injured and mentally make the effort
return to the exercises and I lived mentally relive that feeling of
feel soft sheathing and abs not tight hard
I lose the trigger to the end my fingers I long to agree among expires
which widens I applied
with us still in oblivion for 50 years and we saw a
psychologist or mental coach is ran away and then the guy he
never passed the door of the locker room it was not possible
1 there have been trials 10 years ago 15 years everybody laughs and the
locker room that was possible today this is unavoidable
Finally we understood your say it was unavoidable and that the
performance she had just as much of the technical competence motivation
we could have motivation but too soft for its 27
trainees they have eight months to proven and fight for
Part of the fifteen holders the France team under 19 this national selection will
face the famous team of England and the Ireland
end of the year it will be the goal principal of each player pole
la France I danced well and good
the goal was achieved 2 draws was patient and suddenly that arose
tax revenues on the ball results you see extra follows the artist if the general public is rugby
perceived as a sport with rules complex fervent supporters
highlight values ​​such as brotherhood respect for others or spirit
equipped with That is true and all this is first and foremost
team sports physical commitment rugby is a man’s sport is a
combat sport must be tightened still it is we can not
allow about beings is released not possible because you can quickly
take a bad shot c’mon inches mans like shit here
if I like that you will win agree it is well here in front agree spirit warrior want
clearly punch death and the guys opposite if you can not do the
difference is there is only in the state of mind that is
why then I say you need fight he must put
the impulse that dynamic takes on two three supports because if we
that no matter who you are and also fellow who can be so I’m going
well point 1 and if it is I who triggers and if I fight it’s me
they burst it’s me they pancakes because the thing is the wheels yeah
front line there is the line forehead and this is where there is the ball
Wii and the ball is where the guys absolutely they want us
take us if there is the first because you have to beat up here
I believe that this promotion a Coy promotion or players have a big
analytical skills that’s a big capacity analyzed
and anticipation and I think it’s one of ouais we will say this is one
of the most knowledgeable on that team Here and in the future I think she
is able to analyze the game opponent very specifically and
it is able to organize very will now quickly view all
that this district will play as ireland the england match
but it is true that in terms of material intelligence
this is one of the best promotions we are
one is that to do before their official entry in eight days
Marcoussis in the presence of their parents all students of the promotion is
found in the heart of the Massif Central in High-Loire in the small town of
chambon sur Lignon they are there for a cohesive training
where they will live a dream of many wilderness days
before meeting with the youth team clermont of the town of Puy
en velay we
and there is a demand and a team a row of musicians is not
girl but it is the occasion by releasing a
little to learn rugby framework know that players learn
perhaps to know them if they are not aware sheila
enough by the selections in France youth teams who
seems to know and then for us to learn coaching
to know the players live with see a little bit the personalities of
each other it is too long
Oh so it is not a colony of
vacation and future pro player that are internship and even the brothel at night 6
in the morning we run every morning For that day no problem history
move rapidly in jeans bath Luc Arnaud physical trainer of
fifteen of France came especially for the occasion gives rules
play at 12:15 when you get off you all did ESTAC that mentoring
directly you may go sleep tonight a charging sound
extra socks mandatory see tomorrow morning guy not change
socks agreed feet is the primordial
feet in the ass that’s all it is at least not under the arms is not
serious no phone no iphone no
ipad 3 4 5 6 you do not know the numbers I’m not in there I find a
phone or disney Gustav III phone backpack six hours
every morning the stone age ok in terms of communication and avian
they will leave for two days mountainbike orienteering raft with
night under the stars a real first for the majority old but it looks like
the two days and your goal is symbol
have in front of you the mountain that is over there at the back tonight you must be
there in 1700 that 1753 is your m goal
if you got up there you can sleep eat and drink that takes
pq and the ADQ have Catholic Relief already convinced it is and
Sandwiches are the bike here tonight so he must come to the D157
yeah that’s to take over to the station and after this stage it
allows us to know the players the difficulty in their spirit
team or not in the ability to excel, not the hardware
repair So self raid limit who cares
by against what that allows you to discover that it’s very interesting
and here we see some guys who What really marrow those
want to go after those leaders which brings
or other then those who are a little followers or who spend their time
bitching the choice of Chambon on Lignon did
not coincidentally this is where the French rugby federation will
organize the training camp of the great France team for the cup
rugby world in new zealand Trainees do the pole France
not yet know but they’ll test sized project viability
waiting for their idol raf it was all an adventure
human because I did not know there was almost never experienced that true
raid like that on two days with friends both arrived at once
tired a bit fed both a bit all emotions but really
it was an experiment has turned nightmare all the talking is
impressive sent the first Heineken explode kyo to survival
crew had parted rambo it was the Keeper el mono jc
do a side and I ended jeans Marsh so I told myself going
in a pit and there it was in the shot when you can you can more more
so it was something very rough but it suddenly group
that makes two in fact it is the pole France is also much training
men Training requires that we
becomes a man in an unusual environment for
them young rugby players will have to exceed demonstrate cohesion
physical and mental evidence which the primary objective is the preparation
the match awaits them in three days against the hopes of montferrand it’s a small blond now I know
not look over there it goes or what yeah that’s because they were like
it What is that
How much is because you to up the path roy I will do more short I cocteau
‘m not like that still fell to background thoroughly before the interview with
seated and then it is in fact the 40 you get started like this
that’s how it is the name lota worked in step with
water work is the end of the day
but the festivities do not stop then a final test
Tyrolean expected participants before spending a night at the
beautiful star invest the big bucks Yes The weather does not look necessarily
good for the night that they will pass outside all means are good to
against the possibility of a storm Alexandre decides to take matters
in hand hello recover wise guyane
melting ouais and in fact it has raid hope is not supposed to sleep
in the plain do not blind his refuge little more time in front of the refuge
yeah and did in fact whether in rain or it does not bother you at
slowly can normally your shed so if he can Yes Yes
I did close my attack to the west whether a robinho having once
I would never make you denied ok time but like I participate
can be located around initiatives all that but I must not there
more at all costs that there are already leader in group b after month
against participation in cows and horses earthen I do
a water faucet used island I ds a shower can be soothing memory
Internal longer I work Now I feel now but
it can bring to the group and for him So it will not disturb anything to
do there his name guys are in the process of
wash or geoffroy are all naked in throat before it’s a
it will not achieve the know a vote in the farm you can not help it
Love is in the field that is here this is where online services have been
appointed to terror but said Welcome to the refuge each team leader
should tell his day job carefully considered by coaches
forcing young people to take addressed the group sought to
bike was pretty well managed the history of art and solidarity is
sitting on the start despite odds motivating dump entered pivot then the group split was
been three behind at 3 fault expect at least to the village
near the village a good little down where I think I am alone with
break your face the pigs could cross it in a ravine
elongated apg life alone ah like my bike because I could
more up top and see the fervor so it is great advantage sharp
we were very sharp and everything can to reach the village
where it was decided to recover that bend quietly here we are and
dashing and hovering cane so it’s super handsome marsh
So here we had to go while car So here and after your air will
fabulous sleeping space making this bit m
south over there so the song is you sleep what is a cohesion of placement
is was well c is its place it was funny because it was raining
So it is that we had a good laugh barely recovered from their short night
Trainees will now pole face a test of that raft
start walking they will have to bear
boats for two kilometers before to finally sail
each carrying its method then win the last game and finally males have attributes corners
Express chassis to a problem mental Rabbi
e we must never ever be let go
fight to the end e not I was two more days
intense in my life I had ever accused is as much a bike of my life ever
ran much but I like as much ram and magic finished rugby player he is
still locked in her little comfort ie it’s been ten years he
always the same efforts hand knows rugby but reality
as soon as one is as soon as one leaves the land in the rectangle as soon as we
out of there and that puts us on a bicycle when it is 110 kg or 120 kg
So you have to climb mountain passes like that you have nothing changed there when
sleeps outside while sleeping in making cold and it takes clog water
cold that’s something that sets you
difficulty and there we see the temperaments out that’s why
it’s interesting what is interesting is that the
hand bike we will have it’s you Several strategies have known you
can stay together because I advises you that you are there you
will have four bikes and there are two models that will run so it will
necessary that you stay indoors and you exchange your bike enough
quickly go good luck ultimate test of the raid
the run and bike three bicycles for 5 at a time
stopwatch if if if we stopped in convola
pure rugby mindset members Coach supervising team but
Sakineh and physical trainers have wanted to participate in the competition
their so yes we had is a group staff
because we wanted to show that sharing and also the competition that
knew to surpass the staff is loudun former players is where we
mind as at least two of sparkles competition with rates fall to you
do not over by a bit of a standards old and both shock and show them that
finally having perhaps once qualities a little lower than our
opponents may perhaps be a better cohesion with the
best strategy to dream best performance is good we are in
is suddenly we are in is not too bad got out e Cohesion internship ends the
France division’s members is now officially Team
France Under-19 in two days they will meet the
hopes of less than 20 years of club montferrand in Puy en Velay for their
first game of the season waiting on the ground the masochistic jo
workouts resumed by post post philippe agostini and coach
Official fronts selection French Under-19 years he
joined the group in the morning your body in the baht trip
shoulders one is of course cheap the time finally lorient Balawi is the French selection
a chance to see you here and you hundreds to emails and bending
touch stop after this disaster support taken
reggae advances are people who playing very close to each other
this close to the rule is as it also makes sense in relation to
then the proximity they have live between 1-3 behind because it can
be good by itself a feat staff before it is rare good
will stop the talk into action Action will vote bending touch
Now we will close its mouth it proud you draw back you do not reduce
flexion stop tap enter the maintenance and Yahia and approved Attention
before the game starts to get feel because everyone now wants
get his starting spot and philippe agostini remains vigilant
channel the enthusiasm of everyone hey it’s grandpa is a street
training partner able to go away by the amount
training they are quiet game overwhelmed they are able to accept
things strong strong constraints and it
it is also happiness is also hit rating careful guys that are
Dad finds said do not touch stop the balance sold for galas will stop it establishes stands
dedicated to business and they had crafts at craft you go I have
worked this is the first loss of the season
today it is normal that the tension is normal that they have a
little trouble in the shoulders in chops
this is what is good for tonight he
we college Cevennes country house and gerald
philippe agostini left hand players to define themselves
game objectives and strategy set up to meet the opportunity for the two coaches
observe the place that everyone takes in the group the facts of bags and there I would
marked with this really marked and is with three trials in the 20
minutes is what I think that’s
after the capital where he was there I have not seen the three kilos in two
three four five six and four trials massively CCD and then speci town
unscrewed say is what it is feasible or salted goes beyond
110 new things alone elements we lack for
7 really answer to this management that’s not really I
passion one really knows what new together and it was mainly because
the flap may already must not underestimate because not but mean
it is that there are reasons and to have an opinion on messi not it is important to involve for
a goal that is in shape Men primarily is in the
training areas there is still this notion
Responsibility of autonomy take the initiative to have a
voluntary approach throughout their career
So here it is one of these take the lead and make the
areas where more autonomous players more well how responsible you
evaluated the rigor feasible for almost much of
group almost Toulouse because it it therefore seems sensible as well so we
on that because the one hoisted again Port card trévé 3 Minimum 5
optimum or maybe more We now or why the joker that
This net here on the first 20 minutes
insufficient agree that perhaps certainly return the objective
maybe we will not want to please me but if we do not fulfill it well
sait que derrière peut-être en faudra d’autres essais ouais ok bon les gros
sel a tranché quand même et ça va again
bambi chinois qui a besoin de prendre l’air tu veux aller au congo gabon après une semaine passée à marcoussis
et suite au stage de cohésion gérald a maintenant assez d’éléments pour
constituer son équipe avec ce premier match de la saison il va
pouvoir évaluer ses ouailles dans un contexte de compétition et commencer à
réfléchir à l’équipe type pour affronter l’angleterre et l’irlande dans
huit mois la rencontre amicale entre l’équipe de
france des moins de 19 ans et les jeunes du club de l’asm clermont auvergne va se
dérouler au puy en velay préfecture de la haute loire pour les joueurs auvergnats l’enjeu est
de taille ils ont deux ans de plus que les membres du pôle et certains d’entre
eux n’avaient pas été retenus lors des tests de sélection à marcoussis et de
maintien la chape l’achat en place non plus place sans jets d’eau on a choisi
de jouer les scènes pourquoi parce que hein c’était prochain deux villes
proches de l’endroit où on était en stage et deux repreneurs des joueurs de
deux ans de plus ça me permet de réduire un peu le décalage qui peut en
outre d’une sélection nationale l’équipe de club c’est un les bras
quasi sert les bras et ça permet déjà de percevoir l’état d’esprit des
players la capacité de la cohésion qui a eu le
premier match c’est de savoir d’où on part les verts ou en bas pierre a été choisi pour être le
capitaine de l’équipe la saison avait des gars avec qui on a
souffert à chier on a vraiment que quantité pas permis on ne pouvait plus
tout ça est atteint qu’une seule envie c’est de rentrer sur le terrain et te
battre encore plus avec eux et gagner on avait un peu de tout donner au sol
donc c’était vraiment surtout sur le fait qu’il fallait jouer avec une
réserve et avec tout donner tout ce qui nous reste est pour fouquet mais qui veulent notre place
c’est normal phare est ils vont jouer à ce qui se fait de plus ou moins plus de
mieux en france un autre âge donc pour eux c’est un véritable test
s’ils pouvaient nous tuer quoi je ferai comme ans
et quand même le coq sur les keufs représentait quand même l’équipe de
france donc c’était un match qu’il needed
l’assuré quand même fallait pas passer pour des rigolos
souvent vous êtes prêt à l’as bien bossé collectivement on a bien un
corpus est fort techniquement on sait ce qu’on fait on sait où on va on sait
comment on y va on serre et quelles valeurs il n’y a plus qu’à se régaler
y a plus qu’à se régaler du seul j’y entre goliat
comme tout autre accord la semaine a toutefois quelque chose d’amical
tous ces cellules aux gens me d’essence et ce tous les impacts sur tous les
impacts coben chaque cadeau certains deviennent ou en plus en cornouailles tuco la nuit dans la rue daguerre vagal
ça permet devenu transformer la transcende certains gars parce que
hélas d’autres on n’a pas besoin d’être ensoleillé mal et sur qui tu tu
vas devoir donner pour les transcender et nature allant mettre des baffes pour
pouvoir les mettre dans le match tout comme ça qu’ils vont proposer à ses
dires c’est un autre moi qui parle en fait à ce moment-là c’est ca parties
la partie qui va rentrer sur le terrain qui tu vas tout lâcher pour ses potes
qui essaie de transcender les mettre au même point au même point que moi et
d’entrer tout cas c’est en fait la car
aujourd’hui commence to play going Oh je mets à leur place contre c’est que
tu joues l’équipe de france tu dis là les mecs sur papier soit disant les sept
meilleurs de rage moi je veux leur montrer que je suis
meilleur moi c’est comme ça qu’on va donc à partir de là on était sur tes
mails êtes très violents combats qu’ils avaient pris en leur hommage rien ne sort rien rue ça regarde oui
sort même si le match n’a pas très bien démarré pour eux les joueurs de
l’équipe de france vont quand même réussir à marquer un essai la tentative de transformation pourrait
leur permettre de reprendre un avantage mais le tir de clément passe à droite
des poteaux contre le vam pas bien placé essai transformé juste avant la mi
temps l’asm mène 13 5 buvez et vous récupérez voit la fin de
mot vous pouviez vous récupérez je vais les tranches élevé étrange
après ap voyez récupère les permuter going mais sur les objectifs on avait 10 1 et
s’est donné une première minute on a mis d’accord un essai dans les autres
ont la famille le joker il se peut maintenant qu’on la mette encore dedans
les autres dans l’habitat ok crié on n’est rien n’est perdu
tout est à gagner tout est à gagner on va avoir le vin la cour maintenant on va
voir le vent et petit à petit on va aller grignoter chaque fois qu’un
violent et dangereux ok donc continuons à jouer ces zones
libres réseaux moyenne 2 chaque fois qu’on a fait ça rase et on va y arriver
vous allez arriver c’est sûr voilà le life est bien déterminé bien
concentré sur le jeu qu’on veut mettre et ça va le faire
voilà finalement contre la faim la pression comme ça major league kéké vigilant et à m j’en ai connu fabrice biens détenus
marly facile web facile ou à l’espace space en place des leviers draguer opt qui
porte très bien joué ça va passer sa vocation et franchement le premier match en moins
19 cela faisait quelque chose tout le monde avait le carassin l’heure m
c’est un élément important la saison pour voir où on en est et qui qui
valait quoi agger no en revanche il ne répond pas quand on
prend pied non seulement de nombreuses controverses à chacun
pour maintenir cette qualité convient d’avoir maintenant il faut la maintenir
l’accord il faut repartir la règle est la volonté de marquer deux essais dans
cette période tous d’accord allez c’est left on savait que si on mettait bien jury
que si on les suit en fait le remettez le combat physique l’agressivité le
fait de tuer au second plan si on faisait ce qu’on savait faire au niveau
du jeu mais on ne les passerait puisque I dunno
on a quand même eu à jouer l’an dernier ça donc on avait des restes au
niveau du groupe m6 avec un nouveau scanner on avait des restos du groupe et
on était conscient que si on était bien le jeu on gagnerait problem mais les gros en touche on fait l’effort
on s’applique au reste aux entrées de la vallée pour toujours il débuta mort
nés de mères et ça et s 2 minutes objectif okomba
reconnaissez d’accord c’est du bonus et on se met ça comme défi pour finir le
match artist la coupure est allé trop bien ja je viens
m si c’est impressionnant c’est une usine
à champions ici et voir la maturité des joueurs enfin la maturation des
joueurs dans la saison c’est exceptionnel alors ça a été un point
l’asm le premier match c’est pas la smc le
premier match de la saison voilà il faut voir le dernier contrôle
et contre les irlandais et là je pense qu’on verra vraiment la progression
s’est plu à voir individuelles ou collectives répéter les mecs vont le
rendre un peu dans la poire hervé renvoie une manne des photos
quand je venais il a touché le haut niveau lui aussi et il a une carrière
j’espère qu’on va toucher un peu long encore une fois à former des hommes
avant de former des joueurs de rugby c’est le plus important des gens qui
vont se réintégrer dans la société entraîné contre le 15 que d’aller à
l’école mais c’est comme ça c’est shitting
c’est quand même les joueurs combattent converger tous les week-ends ou de
s’entraîner avec le c’est vraiment quelque chose de magique physique
matière passer des hommes nous mettre fin qu’il honnit ministre vraiment progresser est attendu pour
rêver aussi parce que si on la compare deux raisons at

Rugby une année au pôle France de Marcoussis

10 thoughts on “Rugby une année au pôle France de Marcoussis

  • July 8, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    Le début m'a fait badé dire que thierry dusautoir ne pèse que 95 kg comme quoi la masse ne fais pas tout.

  • February 24, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    Très beau reportage pour apprendre le pole France merci.

  • August 11, 2016 at 9:18 pm

    Ya que moi qui trouve bizarre , Clermont- France ?

  • March 29, 2017 at 11:46 am

    J'aimerai y aller

  • May 14, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    sa fait rêver

  • November 10, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    Support reportage j'aimerais tellement être à leur place

  • November 25, 2017 at 7:52 am

    Non mais ils sont tous canons !!!!

  • January 12, 2018 at 9:50 am

    inchallah J'aimerais un jours joueurs a l'equipe de france 🏉 🏉 🏉

  • March 18, 2018 at 4:00 pm

    56:36 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • February 11, 2019 at 11:48 pm

    2 qui ont percé


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