Rapaera – you’ve been lucky enough to meet several Maori living
in Japan doing well for themselves like Jamie Joseph. What sort of impression
did that have on you? No doubt you had a great
and uplifting time meeting those people? You bet I was, Scotty. It was great to meet successful Maori doing
so well outside of New Zealand. People like Tamati Ellison
and Luke McAlister, both veteran players
still playing ball here in Japan. Then there are people like my bro, who even though is so far away
from home, that passion to succeed that he has
in playing and succeeding is still there. Then there are people
like Billy Rollo who have established
an early childhood centre to teach English and Maori culture
to local children. Then you have tertiary educator
Matt Cotter who is doing some work in Sapporo, teaching Ainu culture
and improving awareness around the impact of colonisation
has had with the indigenous people of Japan. So this has been a delight and it’s been great
to see Maori achieving their
aspirations overseas. Thank you for that. Ok Irena, share with us your lasting
impression of Rugby World Cup 2019? What is something special, or a
highlight that you’ll never forget? For me, it’s the All Blacks failing
in their campaign for a threepeat. Besides that, just the sheer
capability of Japan as hosts to run this tournament which has
been done to such a high standard. This is the first time
for an Asian country to host the Rugby World
Cup tournament. It appears this event was a dry run
for the Olympic games which are due to be held next year. There’s also Jamie Joseph and what he’s done in his role
as coach in leading the Brave Blossoms. They’re probably going
to be remembered as the breakout team playing
with the hunger they had for this tournament even though no one had predicted that they would get as far
as they did. Those are some of the things
that stood out for me. So I’m looking forward
to heading home and waiting for the next Rugby World
Cup in four years’ time. You’re right. When Japan were still
in the tournament, that was the pinnacle of the tournament. And Rapaera, what’s yours? Scotty, besides the food, the cheery nature of the Japanese
people, their humility and their hospitality
as well, for us and the rest of
our TVNZ colleagues. They’ve embraced us, they’ve guided us. One great thing about the people
here is that they are hardworking, quiet, and peaceful. Furthermore, whenever we got lost on the train, the locals would help us out. So that’s what’s been great and those are things
that I will remember. Finally, Irena, Wales or All Blacks
tonight? All Blacks!
— Score? They have to win!
– Score? By 20.
– 20 or more! So you’re both saying 20 or more. Yeah, we need to redeem
the reputation of the All Blacks as a team! So they have to win by 20 or more! Rieko Ioane! Rieko Ioane to score three tries. Thank you both very much for all of the excellent work you’ve
done over the last several weeks while you’ve been away in Japan. Thanks to your work we’ve gained
a great insight into the tournament in Japan. So the country thanks you
and travel safely home. Thank you.

RWC 2019: Rugby World Cup 2019 highlights
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