Geoff Head I’m the Sports Scientist of the San Francisco Giants. I’m going into my 10th year now with the Giants. The major league level… we’re dealing with kind of the 1% world. These players are already at the highest level in their game. They’re incredibly skilled athletes at this point and everyone on that field when they step on the field the battle is very good. So what we’re looking for is those small one percent differences that we grasp and have an edge when we step on the field. We did our own in-house research study a year ago with 20 of our top minor league prospects. We tested them in a number of measures: flexibility, speed, power… The results that we got in the Halo intervention group as compared to the control group was significant enough to really open our eyes to say “hey, you know what?” There’s certainly something to this Halo. Where we’re trying to prep these athletes into a training routine by priming them, you know priming their neuro systems to be ready to accept the different types of challenges we’re going to throw at them in a well-rounded training program. Whether it’s a fine motor skill type of movement, that we’re working in the gym or a explosive power movement, that’s going to be a multi joint movement, where you’re moving a lot of muscles at very high rate of speed or even a conditioning skill where we are really trying to get them to utilize the right muscle group. So when it comes to Halo we really can harness some technology to stimulate the motor cortex of the athlete’s brain and that motor cortex is highly responsible for how well this athlete is going to learn new movement skills in the gym or learn a new skill out on the field and possibly can help them learn that at a more efficient level. I’m Tyler Beede of the San Francisco Giants. Since I’ve been using Halo Sport it really has taken my game to the next level. When you use it over the course of a season, over the course of you know the day and day out activities that you’re doing your brain just becomes so in tune with what you’ve been doing that it can memorize and can enhance your movements that can take you to the next level. Halo Sport is a wearable headphone that’s going to help neuro prime the motor cortex of the Athlete’s brain before they go in and try and work on specific movement or skill. That could be the one percent difference that we needed when we step on the field to have a small advantage of our competitors. Often it’s the one percent that could lead to that one run and win our loss in that moment.

San Francisco Giants Integrate Halo Sport Neuropriming into Training
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