We started just because there’s no real
exercise for the community in the area so we located ourselves here on the back
of speaking to Sanctuary Housing and Avenue Services, because they had this fantastic
facility here and nobody was using the space. It’s good seeing the person come in with
for example no confidence, and seeing that transformation in either six weeks, eight weeks or even a 14 week period, that they come back and say,
in so many words, Craig you’ve changed my life in a sense, that’s the reason why we do what
we do. It’s fantastic for our community but on a personal level, I actually think
it’s really good for me, because it’s really way one to actually enjoy myself
after work and also to keep fit. Craig really is amazing he’s been there since day one me as a person, you know fighting my demons, fighting everything. He’s been there and
Rage has made a massive difference in the lifestyle I have, in my children’s
lifestyle, just in family lifestyle really everything about it. We were quite fortunate recently to have
some funding through Sanctuary Housing and the Love Sport program. We’ve
delivered quite a few sessions across the city and particularly in Shiregreen,
and this one that we’re here today for it’s a gentle circuit class that we
deliver here at Shiregreen Neighbourhood Centre.
The beauty of doing something in a community setting, is it’s on the
doorstep it’s easy to access and as you can see we make it fun and friendly,
so that people keep coming back and wanting more. It’s not just the exercise it’s
sort of you know, physical mental health and also the social side, you’ve seen how well people get on, it’s just brilliant. We have had some
weight loss between us and it does make you feel better in yourself. Your
not at a gym, you feel comfortable and I think that’s really important. We’re really passionate as a team about
what we provide, they get to engage with others from the community, and you’ve got the physical sport session. We’ve got one currently running called Player Tackles Weight which is a weight loss football program and there are 36 people involved in that project. Chris and obviously Love Sport and Sanctuary Housing, have been
really supportive, proactive in getting us to be able to provide for our local
community in sport and exercise sessions. So there’s all abilities here and that’s
why I love it. Quite recently I’ve been quite low and it affected me, but through
exercise, through eating well, through positive people around you, it’s helped
me. I’ve just been telling people what I’ve done this week with my weight loss
and my tips because last week I put a pound on and it wasn’t too good, but this week I proper hammered it and I’ve done well.

Sanctuary Housing | Bringing you our Love Sport Programme
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