How are you doing?>>I’m very well mate, yourself?
>>Are you ready for some challenges today? We’ll see how it goes, see how it goes.>>I’m normally
sitting up top. I”m sometimes better sitting in the stands actually. Oh here we go! Gentlemen,welcome!>>How are you doing?>>Good, thank-you. We know that you guys excel in your chosen
sports and it’s a little bit too easy isn’t it. So we’ve got a couple of cross-sport challenges
to do today. I’m just going to be general hanger-onerer, so nothing’s going to change
there. I’ll carry your bags. Aye, you’re the caddy, come on!>>Come on big fella.>>Oh jeez! Right, activity one. So Hoggy, you’re going to kick these five rugby balls over the post, hopefully. Richie’s going to hit five golf balls. It’s a race, you ready?>>Mate, I was born ready. (Laughter). Oh Waggs! Awful, awful! (Laughter) Mate I’ve no got the right studs on today.>>Alright we’re going to mix it up this time. It’s got no battery! (Laughter). Not bad, Rich. No lives were lost in that challenge but maybe a couple of car windscreens Hoggy. Alright guys, let’s go and tee up challenge two. We’re going to hit some balls from up
here and see who can get closest to the pin. You’re up.>>Do I actually have to go now? Oh perfect, aye, great. (Loud horn) Waggs mate! (Laughter) This is problems for me, right here. Nice, that’s a good roll.
That gets a bounce.>>It made the pitch! This one is going to be a good one. You guys are
going to go over the East Stand, hit the balls into, hopefully, the cup on the pitch and
this time, to save any embarassment, mostly from Hoggy, it’s only going to be a golf challenge.
>>This favours me big time.>>Come on, big fella. I don’t know if I can fit through here. You ready Wagga?>>Yep, here we go. (Disbelieving laugh) Well that’s good as well.>>Who was that? That can’t be
you, Hoggy, surely. Yeah genuinely that was him! That was the one, a little bit right over there.>>That’s my one, surely.>>No, shotgun that’s mine! Well I can’t remember whose is whose.>>What?!>>I’m just happy no-one got killed. Sudden death, for the win? (Laughter) Cut! Cheers Hoggy.>>Cheers boys.>>Thank-you. (Loud horn) Wagga!

Scottish Rugby | Rugby Golf Challenge
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