Tartan Touch is a fun, easy way to rediscover
your passion for rugby, or fall in love with the game for the very first time. There are
only 8 simple rules, so you’ll be playing in no time. Rule One. Each team has six players,
which can be a mixture of men and women. Its played on a sixty by fourty-five metre pitch. Rule Two. There’s no referee, the players referee the games for themselves. Rule Three.Instead of tackles, we use one or two-handed touches. Rule Four. Each team has six touches
to score, before the ball is handed to the opposition. Rule Five. When you are touched
you must pass to a teammate within two seconds or within two steps. Or, place the ball on
the ground, while the defending team retreat. Rule Six. If the ball goes over the sideline,
a pass-back takes place. Rule Seven. The ball is given to the other team if the attacking team drops the ball forward, does a forward pass or uses up their six touches. Rule Eight.
The attacking team’s six touches get reset if the defending team does not retreat behind
the ball during a ball place, knocks the ball on while attempting an intercept, makes deliberate
heavy contact or acts in any way disrespectfully. And that’s it, a simple way to play non-contact rugby, to get fit and to make new friends. Tartan Touch – a game for everyone.

Scottish Rugby Union | Tartan Touch Rules
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