Hi, this is Tom Bouboul and Welcome on my channel Up Rugby. Today I will talk about the skills What is the skills? If you are a rugby player is exercises that you’ll be able to do it alone without the help person, without the help of your coaches to progress. Must not dream, if you want to become a good rugby player two workouts or training a week is enough. The more you’re going to work and you’ll be better. When you do two
workouts per week and you touch 40 balls by training and
we will be optimistic of the 40 balloons you’re going to touch, because
it is not everyone that touches 40 balloons on the drive, you
will progress more technically if you make the effort to work
on your side. There is no secret, if you want to become
a good player and I’m not talking about becoming a player high level, I’m just talking about becoming
a good rugby player this is for you to work. So take 4
balloons take 4 friends instead playing playstation or watch series hovels up, go outside and play rugby
making small skills. The skills, what is it? They are
small exercises. What’s that mean? skills The aim will be to acquire
skills by making small exercises. This is often exercises which are totally decontextualized
the game. That is, it has no relationship with the game of rugby,
but it will be against the development of motor skills.
We will come back in other videos what is that motor skills.
It’s going to be acquired a skill, a gesture
Technical eg ability to make a chistera. When you work it out closed situations and it will
to acquire these skills so that the ball is no longer a constraint. There is a lot of players, as they are
contact to a racket and release the ball
chistera or make passes no matter how it’s gonna be a
problem. We must succeed in hold the ball and thus you go
not necessarily attempting gestures other players are able to attempt. Once the ball is more a stress and you are totally free from it you can take the information your partners and play. The gesture of the pass, give your ball, pass the
the ball this will not be a problem, because you can do the
naturally. You will just on the processing of information,
analysis of the situation, so Make the right decision. You do not
shalt not limited in your decision because technically you’re not good.
These are situations that you work in small number. It should not be many, we need the players touch as many balloons. If you’re going to coach you
tell me that in fact it is impossible because if you have 30 players you can not put them through 3 and have ten groups of 3 players
and correct them. On the contrary I think that’s great they are by 3, because they affect a lot of balls. You will see that you will not have
need to correct, ie that them they will regulate itself, thou shalt
not there to police you will be there to turn and give
technical advice to each individually. This kind of exercise can increase the concentration of players,
individual technique and automate gestures to no longer have to think
when you have to make them match. We must start from simple to go to
complicated. This means that when you begin a skill for me it is necessary that you have many changes
which enables you to start very simply and do change very
quickly depending on the level of your players and their adaptability to go to the complicated. I encourage you to put in the hard soon possible so that they work well. So
every time we will talk about a skills I would stay the same
basis, i.e. the positioning of players it will be the same. What I show you that’s how it is
we can evolve a skill in harder or easier and especially
how this can Declining a range of technical gesture
from a very closed position. Go here we go we start with 4 players who are in wing aircraft position with
the left and right are in depth. A player in the middle that
makes passes with a ball and then with 2 balloons. What can we
What can we ask the player making the passes? it will be each time before taking the ball is to open its his pelvis backwards a support for
guide his shoulders and pelvis to his partner. Once it
will be comfortable, we pass two to three balls and three
balloons that it will go a little little faster. it puts players
pressure fast enough. How can we develop such skill? we can do it just evolve by changing the manner in which the
player will receive the ball. The same can be given by rolling the ball by bouncing the ball on the ground. We can give the alternating balloons. There will be
balloons that will roll and balloons that are coming in
air or bounce. Here it forces the player to adapt. The
it is with 2 balls but then if it is comfortable, do not hesitate to put one third balloons. Then there is still
on the same position and you can Starting on scoops. Then
for example, I asked him to do with two hands, but we can do it with a hand or by a chistera
in the back and the same thing is complex exercise with three
balloons. Here it allows players increase their
concentration. To manage three balloons that will happen incessantly and even for
support it will require an effort of concentration that is pretty important. This one is a bit for show but for me it is also a technical movement which is
difficult. Asked to do
the passes behind the head. It’s a twisted pass by
over the head. It’s a big driving stress because you have to twist the ball only with the forearm. successfully
twisting the balloon that with forearms It’s not easy for everyone. Most players are what I call the ball thrown.
They are not good and the préhention the ability to twist the
balloons, they use the shoulders So much for this little video on skills after skills is up to you the
evolve like you want it. if you want to work a gesture, if you want to work a pass one-handed by
above the header or in the folded back like this where a hand chistera
it is to you to do so. You just have to be specific about the criteria you’re going to give players. to say that if such
the middle player must let go of balloons chistera like that,
it’s just like a pass Handball It should be able to catch the ball with one hand and finish with the back of the hand
towards the ground and towards the fingers whoever you doing to pass
to finish the move. I hope this
video you enjoyed. Do not hesitate to put me on a little LIKE video, t SUBSCRIBE to the channel and to comment and we find ourselves very quickly to
next video Ciao

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