an australian added by uh… links of
facts which is similar to ask the other hand uh… is getting a little bit of
criticism because it some people say that it goes too far my guess is as we have a predominantly
male audience and because we have uh… male host and mail employees you guys
lol love it so i thought i’d share with the anyway it was so that’s that’s what
we’re it’d here the object of the game newsgroups
students conserving first-place according to
goals controlled by studying polishing grounding the blame school or as many
points decibels db provide variation of skills needed for the game means this is
an opportunity for individuals of every shape this time band of the few competition accomplice when the whole disclose dot com romance formed with the jeans
and from today didn’t closing ceremonies flushing johnson for the program scalia dispelled by one of clinton’s
teammates finds all for the bulls are ill on the asking for because that is the use of the east the team with machine guns you should come with them fifth confused aaah aaah drives us several things in over one and
this is an event every male in the studio care of your
children that look at how many guys there are watching that uh… but watching that and so obviously
that was successful uh… say well i knew that was gonna be a women into the
rome blacks are running towards the camera went home for us too so we will go on your normal normal
normal normal normal that that that said that was not
successful but by only heard the word scrum and long and rock them forgot about the fact that i i i have no
idea after often target so i_d_ serous talk about it that someone from links
that is someone who might be offended that the obviously there will be
affected by to a friend who cares and but who cares about a bill dorman a
similar product range we haven’t had a long there are is super serving their
demographic is they would say and by the way i played rugby for four
years and i learned more in that and that i
did in those four years you say that because okay i know nothing about rugby
right n_i_h_ obviously i’m straight i’m not interested in females but you know
they’re watching that and still no nothing about right workbook based on a like i’m selling it
her ass people and helping us understand it goes
there whatever the second where there was which was fixing her shorts and okay pulling a wetsuit yet she wasn’t a fierce edges polio edgy
that is the scrum by first grow most scrumptious don’t think there were on board so uh… yes clearly links for the with
i don’t even think there’s a dispute they refused to hit the you know what the vehicle butterfield but it it really came
infiniti or the court out immediately dismissed the case has indeed when the films as we’ve been
shocker hollywood as a side of the cast strong good-looking people of leading
roles no often niceties

Sexy Female Rugby Ad by Lynx
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