The people of Vedas, beware! Here comes Pogo’s stick thief. Oh no! Thief! Thief! Thief! Oh no! Get up! How are you still
sleeping like a log? Get up! A thief robbed us and left. He has taken everything. Get up! Oh no! Thief! Thief!
Catch him! Thief! Thief! Thief! I think a robbery has taken
place at Mr. Swamy’s house. We have been robbed! Thief! Thief! Look, Shiva’s going after
the thief. The thief is not going
to get far now. It’s not good to steal, uncle. Give me everything you’ve robbed. Get out of my way, kid! Don’t call me a kid, uncle. Shiva! That’s my name! Thank you, Shiva. Thank you very much. Thank you very much, Shiva. If you want to live in
peace then wake up! Nowadays Pogo stick thief… …has entered the city. With the help of the Pogo stick… …he is jumping around
and robbing people. The police as usual… …know nothing… …about who’s behind
these robberies. Don’t forget to watch
our programme… …Pogo Stick Thief at 8 pm. Where has this Pogo
stick thief come from? Ladoo Singh is useless. Something or the other keeps
happening in this city. Why are you worried?
We have Shiva. He will catch the thief. Dare you tell Shiva
to catch the thief! Hello, grandma. I was just passing by… …so I thought… …of having some
homemade tea and snacks. In the entire Vedas city… …there is no one who can
make snacks as good as you do. I’m telling the truth. I’ll give you the snacks, but… …don’t you dare take
the name of Pogo stick thief… …in front of Shiva. No! No! No! No, grandma… …forget Pogo stick thief… …I won’t tell him any
thief or… …any criminal’s name. And why will I take their name? On the contrary, when
they take my name… …they start shivering. What you think, Pedaram?
Speak up. I have no idea, sir… …but I’ve seen you
shiver every day. You’ve come at the right
time, Ladoo Singh. I’ve just finished working on
‘Make the thief run’ melody. I’ll sing it for you, listen! Sir, these snacks are going
to cost us a lot. The pain in my ears
has just subsided. Do something… …so that we can leave this place. Shut up, Pedaram. I cannot go without
informing Shiva… …even if that
means, we have to… …listen to grandfather sing. Don’t you know that… …in order to gain something… …you have to lose something. That is why we have to listen
to grandfather’s song. “In the morning… …the weather…” “In the morning… …the weather…” “In the morning!” That’s enough!
Here’s the tea and snacks. Wow! Hey, Mr. Ladoo Singh… …eat in peace. Why are you jumping
like Pogo stick thief? I never mentioned Pogo
stick’s name. Shiva took his name. Shiva, tell your grandma. Shiva, how did you
find out about… …the Pogo stick thief? You’re totally useless… …my Shiva has to do
your work. I tried catching him
the same night… …but he managed to escape. I could just get his
bag of stolen items. So, I gave the people
all their items back. But the danger is not over as yet. That thief will come again. A robbery in my area! Even people that are 50 kms away… Mr. Ladoo Singh, please stop
with your dialogues… …and think about how
will you catch that thief. Yes, definitely… Absolutely, Shiva… But how? What how? You will need
to patrol the area. I was thinking the same, Shiva. Shiva, we think… …so much alike. Come on, we will patrol
together, let’s go. These people will never improve. Sir, why are you walking
with the Pogo stick? Pedaram, just like a
diamond cuts a diamond… …the same way, the
Pogo stick thief… …will be caught by the
Pogo stick inspector. Sir, look at that!
Pogo stick thief! Hi, Inspector!
Are you looking for me? Nobody in this world… …can stop me from stealing. Catch me… if you can! You are under arrest! Don’t even try and escape. I also have… …a Pogo stick! Ouch! Hey! I’m going! I’m going! Pedaram! This Pogo stick has taken control! Sir, I’ll send you a message
when I find out. Hello, thief! Stop! At least tell me… …how should I stop this? Bye, Inspector. Happy jumping! Mr. Pedaram, what is
Mr. Ladoo Singh doing? Shiva, he bought a Pogo
stick from the store, but… …he cannot control it now. This is the last time… …I’ll ride a Pogo stick. Never again! Pedaram, which way
has the thief gone? That way. Pogo stick! This kid is very fast and… …courageous too. Okay, kiddo, catch me… …if you can! He’s very gutsy. I need to do something about him. Never come in front of me again! He got away again. He’s an expert at the
Pogo stick and… …he’s not even scared
to jump in the valley. Then how will we catch him? Hey! I’ll tell you. Once in my village…
– That’s enough! Let it be… …stop babbling. We are not in the mood. Shiva, if the thief… …doesn’t have any
place to jump, then… …we can definitely catch him. Yes, that’s a good idea. That’s what I was saying. If a monkey doesn’t
find space to jump… …then how will he jump? Yes, you’re right, Adi. If a monkey doesn’t have
space to jump… …then how will he jump? Reva, we will have to trap
him in such a place… …where he cannot jump
using his Pogo stick. We will need Mr. Ladoo
and grandfather’s help. King, after being such
a mighty King, why… …have you set your
camp in the jungle? I love nature. I cannot stay in any
congested city. There is a lot of
pollution in the city. I prefer to stay in the open. So, friends as you
have seen. This is the King of Gumnaampur… …who loves nature so much… …that instead of staying
in the city… …he has set camp
in the jungle. King, as we can see… …you have worn… …jewels that are worth
crores of rupees. Aren’t you scared… …that someone will steal them? That only
happens in the city. Who will come to steal
from me in the jungle. And about these jewels… …this diamond ring
is worth one crore. Ustaad Bade Sarkar
had presented… …me with this gift after
listening to my ‘Ghost’ melody. This diamond necklace… …is worth 50 crores. Ustaad Chote Sarkar
had presented me… …with this gift after listening
to ‘Make the thief run’ melody. This diamond bracelet… …is worth 5 crores. This was given to me
by Queen Masakali… …after listening to my
‘Prepare tea’ melody. And I sing my melodious tunes
one by one. Is he a King or a singer? What are you doing, grandpa? If you talk about the melodies… …our plan will fail. That’s enough.
It’s time for me to rest. And it’s my time to work. I will steal everything
from this King, then… …I won’t have to
steal scrap anymore. King, you’ve relaxed
a lot already. Now it’s time to lose… …some of that weight
from your body. Are you a fitness expert? Have you come here to tell
me how to lose weight? No! I’m a thief and… …I’ve come to steal
all your jewels. Be quiet and handover
all your jewels. Now that you’ve taken
so many jewels… …you need to listen
to one of my melodies. I have just made it!
It’s brand new! It’s not good to steal. “It’s not good to steal.” “Steal..” I’ll listen to your
melody, the next time… …I come to steal. And next time, make sure
you wear even more jewels. Bye! Shiva, he’s on the move, be ready! We are ready, grandfather. What’s the hurry, uncle? Huh? You’re back? Magnet, on! Uncle thief… …you cannot escape from here. Surrender yourself. Mr. Ladoo Singh is
right over there. No police can ever catch me. No power in the world… …can stop me from stealing. Shiva, make sure he doesn’t
get away this time. Hey! He’s escaping with me! Oh God! What is happening… …to my Pogo stick? Uncle thief, all those
jewels are fake. This was our plan, so that you
would come here. So that you cannot escape
using your Pogo stick. Oh! So, this was your trickery. You talk a lot, kid. I’ll teach you a lesson. Uncle, don’t call me a kid. Shiva! That’s my name! Enough! Enough! Please, that’s enough! How much more will you beat me? Please, stop. It’s enough. I always said, that no power… …in the world can stop
me from stealing. But you have stopped me. Pogo stick thief! Thank your lucky stars because
you haven’t fought me yet. I just sent my assistant. If I had come to fight you… …then just think what
would have happened to you! Mr. Thief… …let me sing one melody
for you now. Such a melody that you will never
steal again in your life.

Shiva – Full Episode 92 – Pogo Stick Thief
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