Hi it’s Tom Bouboul and welcome to Up Rugby first of all I would like to thank you because on one last video that I posted there was a lot of like and shares in many different countries and so it’s really fun today I’m going to talk about a little skill that everybody knows I call it “I get up I give” we are usually two we raise a balloon we receive one and we make it, etc … it is completely decontextualized of any rugby situation. that is, we does not find a situation of attack, not a situation of defense but on the other hand the big advantage is that it allows to develop a package of qualities. It allows to develop the dexterity, the concentration, the reading of trajectory of the balloon, the work in cooperation, and the automation of gestures. that’s a lot of things at the same time but I want to show how do I present it and how does that I make it evolve. As soon as the players are comfortable for me it’s like all situations you have to evolve it quickly enough here we go there we see that there are 2 to do it I give I give It’s not very complicated, it’s a simple situation for learning the gesture. At the beginning, the difficulty is to succeed in throwing the ball right using his wrists As soon as the gesture is mastered, we can add a third balloon With 3 balls the players must be almost freed from holding the ball and reading the trajectories. We can do the same thing next to 4 balloons and we can even have fun do it at 5 6 balloons by putting backs between healthy people under each arm and that’s that one more difficult is with a rebound. The goal is to work on speed and dexterity the players get you to know the ball anticipate the rebounds, the speed of the ball, and change his attention from one ball to another very very quickly The last evolution that I present to you today is with foot goal of evolving skills. We are always on the theme I get up I give but we raise the ball for yourself and you can note that players always use the same foot because they do not trust their left foot. it’s a small problem that will have to be solved So the skills like that for me they are very useful for the player’s motor development they allow to develop specific qualities beyond rugby: dexterity, concentration, manipulation, reading It’s tools that we will use to develop the specific resources of the players. If you liked the little video do not forget to put your little LIKE and share and see you next week for new skills next week I think I will propose a skill to 6 or 8 players so more fun. Ciao


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