– Hi everyone, today I
wanna talk to you about spacial awareness around
your blades in sledge hockey. So many times, you’ll be into a scrum or trying
to receive a pass and the puck gets
lost beneath you. And unlike stand up hockey where you can just skate backwards or move your body position to find the puck, here, we’re sometimes lost
trying to find that. So what I want you to
do is start thinking about how can I learn
where my blades are in relation to my
body and my sled. One of the first things I want
you to do is take your sticks and you can either lay it
out flat like this or down. And put it again at the back. So now you have a visual of where your blades are
underneath of your bum, right. And so, now I know that if
I’m stick handling the puck, I know that I have
about to this point before I’m gonna
hit my blades and the puck’s not
gonna go underneath. But I can come this close. See I’m coming
pretty close there. And it’s just getting a feel for where your blades
are under your sled. And then, when you get lost, if you can’t… If you’re in a scrum and
you can’t find the puck just by doing this and
the puck bounces out, you know that it’s hitting
your blades, right? So if the puck’s hitting your blades, you can do a couple things, right,
just move your body position. Or, I don’t wanna get too
advanced with some drills here, but start working the puck
in different areas behind you. You can try passing it. I’m not really
doing it right now. ‘Cause I’m trying to do it slow
but pull the puck back. Move it around. And then you’re just
gonna push your puck up with the backhand
of your stick. And then spend some time
just working around your blades. So that when you’re playing
with a puck below there, you’re familiar with where it is and you’re not lost,
you’re not getting caught with your head down. Setting yourself
up for a bad hit and it’s gonna help you keep the play moving
a lot faster as well. So, just by taking
a little bit time to practice with the
area of your blades around and underneath you and if you haven’t seen
in another video, the same thing with
the front of your sled, recognizing where the scag
is on the front of your sled, you start to develop some
better spacial awareness. Which is gonna allow you
to find the puck faster and get yourself
back in the play. Hey everyone, thanks
so much for tuning in. It means the world to me if you
can leave comment below. Please tell me what we
can do differently. Any ideas for a future video. We’re putting out content
every single week here to educate people and let
people know more about how to play the sport
of sledge hockey. So please hit subscribe
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  • June 7, 2017 at 5:15 am

    When I first started, I couldn't find any videos about how to "suit up." Or, what standard equipment (pads) I should wear or what to look for when finding my size. Or, how to maintain your "new" or regular gear.


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