– So skating backwards
in sledge hockey is not really a practical skill as far as when you’re
on the back check to do. But as many times in both
games and practices where you might be battling in
the corners or in front of the net and you’re gonna have
to use that technique. So, before you begin,
whether you have wide blades at
a beginner level, or at an advanced level, you’re gonna want to always
focusing on having a strong core hopefully, gotten
to that point. But regardless, you can still learn a technique
to move backwards. There’s nothing
crazy about it. You’re just gonna want to start
with both your sticks together. And then you’re just
gonna lean– the opposite of how we
push having them in the front. You’re just gonna want
to have them behind you. Move yourself, move yourself. Then as you start to turn,
if you’re going like this, it’s probably ’cause you’re using
one side more than the other. So just focus on keeping an
even pressure on both sides. Once you get more advanced,
then you can actually start to learn how to use
them individually. So, I can go left,
right, left, right. And with this, I can start
to get a lot more speed. It took me a long time
to become familiar with moving evenly
on both sides. But when you’re
going alternating, I’ll push from this
side, I’ll go here. And as soon as I go there,
this stick will even it out. So it’s like I’m going
back and forth. But once you get smooth, then it’s just like
a one, two, one, two. And that’s ’cause I’m focusing
on keeping my core tight the whole entire time. Alright, now let’s go over
and do it by the boards. If you’re battling with someone
along the corner, maybe you, the defenseman’s
trying to pitch. And you are trying to get the
puck out and you two collide, you’re gonna get pitched
up along the boards. This is another example
where you can use that. So, now I can even
use the boards to leverage myself
as a body position. Where I just have one stick,
I have my arm out here. I can push myself along
the whole entire time. This is another example where
I’m gonna use my sticks down where we’ve shown
in other videos. Or maybe I’m battling. I can go like this. Get up top. But the main idea is that now, it doesn’t
matter where I am. If I’m battling,
I can use one stick, learn how to move
myself backwards. So the point of this, guys, is once you actually take
the time to practice this, both with technique and your
conditioning of your core, it’s gonna be a
very useful tool and all situations in sledge hockey
to make you a better player. Hey everyone, thanks
so much for tuning in. It means the world to me if you
can leave comment below. Please tell me what we
can do differently. Any ideas for a future video. We’re putting out content
every single week here to educate people and let
people know more about how to play the sport
of sledge hockey. So please hit subscribe
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  • January 11, 2018 at 12:14 am

    Hi Kevin it’s josh that texted you on instagram about the skating faster video I was wondering if you could make the video before the London tournament so I can practice it

  • January 13, 2018 at 6:10 am

    Where do you buy your sticks?

  • January 16, 2018 at 1:05 am

    Could I be in one of your videos if you are filming kevin


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